David Hogg Praises Chicago’s Program to Stop Gun Violence – Gets a Brutal Reality Check from Twitter

David Hogg just cannot help looking foolish.

The Parkland school shooting survivor has taken on a career pushing for gun control legislation, and supporting any initiative to that end. However, he stepped into a steaming pile of reality when he tried to voice his support for a program to end gun violence – in Chicago.

In case you’ve forgotten, Chicago is America’s leading gun violence city, despite having the nation’s most restrictive gun laws. It is often pointed to by gun rights supporters that the real problem is the person behind the gun, not the weapon itself.

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It seems odd, then, that Hogg would use Chicago as a model for how things should be. Or maybe it was just more lazy keyboard activism on his part.

The “Cure Violence” initiative sounds like a noble one – an attempt to get at the root cause of violence. They seem more intent on focusing on behavior than actual guns, but their effort may be tainted by affiliating themselves with David Hogg’s crusade against gun ownership.

“Cure Violence stops the spread of violence by using the methods and strategies associated with disease control – detecting and interrupting conflicts, identifying and treating the highest risk individuals, and changing social norms – resulting reductions in violence of up to 70%,” the Cure Violence website reads. Considering the rate of gun violence in Chicago, however, can their efforts there really be seen as effective? The campaign will likely have to prove itself before it deserves to become a model for the country, as Hogg suggests.

Either way, Hogg’s endorsement ignores the realities on the ground in Chicago – likely because the gun control initiatives he endorses nationwide aren’t working there.

Here is Hogg’s initial tweet.

The tweet was followed by the obvious response – do we really want to follow the lead of ANYTHING Chicago does?

Some challenged Hogg to put his money where his mouth is, if he really supports the Chicago program and wants to end gun violence.

Others wondered why Hogg has the knack of tweeting about every incident of gun violence – except for the multiple shootings in the gun control zone of Chicago. They theorize that the entire city undermines his talking point that gun bans work.

Some wondered, if David Hogg is so intent on saving the lives of innocent children, where is his opposition to abortion?

And then there is the problem that has plagued this controversy from the beginning – the myth of gun free zones.

David Hogg has yet to respond to any of the tweets specifically.

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