David Hogg Targeting Disney World for ‘Die In’ Protests – Here’s Why

David Hogg

David Hogg isn’t just targeting the National Rifle Association – he’s now after the happiest place on earth, too.

Over the last few months, Hogg has set his sights on the NRA, Marco Rubio, Publix Grocery Stores, and Adam Putnam, a Republican running for governor in Florida. But you can now add Disney to Hogg’s target list, and it’s all because of Putnam.

As a state legislator, Disney has donated to Putnam for years – it’s a practice the company has done with many politicians, regardless of party.

Now that Putnam has come out strongly for the Second Amendment, however, Hogg and his followers are now looking to pressure Disney to cut off donations to him. They are planning a series of “die-in” protests, presumably at a Disney park or property, to pressure them to stop supporting the Republican.

After gun control advocates accused Putnam of being bought out by the NRA, he joked in a tweet that he was a “proud NRA sellout,” echoing their words about him.

Similar “die-in” protests at Publix grocery stores in May, organized by Hogg, forced the grocery chain to end their donations to politicians, including those who supported the Second Amendment.

The Orlando Sentinel reports.

National Die-In alluded to its plans on Twitter by posting “Can you guess where we’re going next?” with a “D” in the style of the Disney logo. David Hogg, the Parkland student who has risen to national prominence, responded with a tweet that said, “it’s D for die in.”

Disney has donated $789,000 to Putnam’s political committee, Florida Grown, since 2015; including $300,000 since Feb. 14, when a gunman killed 17 students and faculty at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, setting off a firestorm of protests calling for greater gun control measures.

Putnam, the state’s agriculture commissioner, is a Republican running for governor this year.

A Disney spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment.

Student activists have targeted the National Rifle Association for blocking bills to limit magazine capacities and ban assault-style weapons. That has extended to companies that support politicians who back the NRA.

Last month, die-in protests at Publix stores throughout the state led the Lakeland-based grocery chain to suspend all political donations. Publix had given $670,000 to Putnam’s committee.

Here is Hogg’s tweet that confirmed the plans for a Disney protest.

Activists have made political hay out of Putnam’s original tweet.

Hogg also retweeted this, in an effort to force Disney to end donations.

He also retweeted this video from an activist.

A date for the protests, as well as a location, have not yet been announced.

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