David Hogg Wanted Mayor Who Criticized Him Thrown Out of Office – Here’s What the Voters Said

David Hogg

A mayor who criticized gun control activist David Hogg faced a recall election Tuesday night. The results were surprising.

The recall movement started in April, after Hogg called for a boycott of Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who said he should stop whining about not being accepted into college. Hogg’s boycott call resulted in a number of Ingraham’s advertisers pulling their ads. Later, however, a number of them returned. Hogg’s boycott was promoted by Media Matters, a left-wing “watchdog” group, who helped to magnify the “outrage.”

Still, Hogg’s efforts rankled Mayor Nick Isgro of Waterville, Maine. He tweeted out a direct message to Hogg, telling him to “Eat it” over his threats to Ingraham. He later deleted the tweet and apologized, but the damage was done and his political opponents pounced.

David Hogg
Screenshot courtesy of The Daily Caller

Enough signatures were collected to force a recall election, and the vote was incredibly close.

With just over 3,000 votes cast, Isgro narrowly escaped being recalled by just a few percentage points, and a total of 91 votes.

After his victory, Isgro took to social media once again, thanking God and the voters for the win.

“To God be the glory. Friends and neighbors, today you came out and did what no one thought you could do,” he wrote on Facebook. “In record numbers, you showed up to the polls to vote a resounding NO to this erroneous recall effort that attempted to derail all we have done together….Over the last two months you have poured out your support and prayer upon our family in a way we never knew possible. We are ever grateful….For now, thank you Waterville. You did it. It’s time to get back to work. God bless.”

To God be the glory.Friends and neighbors, today you came out and did what no one thought you could do. In record…

Posted by Nick Isgro on Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Hogg has not commented on the election results.

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