Dear African-Americans – Please Read This Letter

Dear African-Americans,

Do you realize that you are voting for your enemy?

There is a reason that Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Denzel Washington, Dr. Ben Carson, and many other African-Americans are voting against Hilary in this election (all people I personally respect).

You are being deceived and voting for the opposite person of whom you should be voting for. Please, let me show you some shocking FACTS!

All of the following are true and verifiable – No media spin, just FACTS!

*Do you realize that since Obama took office 8 years ago, 58% more African-Americans are on Welfare?
*African-American home ownership is down 5% since Obama took office!
*The African-American poverty rate has increased 5% – That’s a lot of people, these are REAL African-American lives, and that is huge!
*African-American household incomes fell by and average of 9% – That means you and your family have less money.

*The African-American (average) net worth fell by 20% since Obama took office! Are you kidding me?

*While it appears that the unemployment rate fell during his tenure, what REALLY happened is many African-Americans just stopped looking for work, so they aren’t counted in the real numbers, as are many Americans of all color, gender, religion, and nationality.

Due to the failed Obama and Hilary policies regarding our Swiss cheese porous border, $200-300 billion dollars worth of drugs are flowing into America each year! You know who is using those drugs?

Caucasian and African-American children, and adults!

So instead of getting educations and doing productive things with their lives by studying to become doctors and productive members of society leading happy and beautiful fulfilling lives, and raising families – These Americans are strung out on drugs.

They are committing American on American crimes to get money for a fix, and ending up in jail wasting their lives – it’s a freaking shame!


“Are me and my family better off now than we were 8 years ago?” If you answered yes to this question, then please, by all means, vote for Hilary and the Democrats! If you answered, “NO,” – Then by all means, please consider voting for Mr. Trump.

Now – A second point I want to make, and this is neither Republican or Democrat, I will simply say it – “If Obama, Hilary, and the Democrats had done anything for African-Americans, wouldn’t they be shouting it from the roof tops? Wouldn’t it be in all of their political rhetoric and commercials?

The reason you do not see it in any of their speeches, or political advertisements is that it is a huge embarrassment to them!

The Democratic Party goes against our faith as Christians!

Most of the African-Americans I have had as friends, coworkers, or have known, are strong Christians. They go to church, read the Bible, and I have many times said that strong African-American women do a great job of raising their kids right.

There is a reason so many black pastors and black churches are supporting Trump, they want the best for future generations of African-Americans! Simple as that!

The Democratic party is the abortion party, in fact, more African-American babies are aborted (or killed if you want to put it in plain terms), than any other group in America.

Why would you go against your Christian values, and why would you support a Democratic Party that aborts more black children than any other group in America?

That makes no sense to me, it is like you are doing it to yourselves!!!

What has the Democratic Party done for African-Americans? Nothing!

So………..after reading what I wrote, you may be wondering, “Why hasn’t the Republican Party nominated an African American as its candidate?

Fact is, I, and MANY others, practically begged Colin Powell to run for president as the Republican candidate (I would have been the first person in line to vote for him, he is a GREAT man and leader!), and he had A LOT of support.

Mr. Powell declined to run stating that he did not want to have to go through the smear campaign that has become American Politics (and I for one don’t blame him, I wouldn’t want to be going through what Trump and Hilary are going through right now, that’s for sure!).

In addition, Condoleezza Rice was asked to run as president as well (she would have had my vote!), and if not president, she was one of the highest on the list to be asked to serve as Trump’s VP. She declined stating that she is too happy with her role at Standford University and would not want to leave her current position.

I grew up in San Francisco, a liberal melting pot of people from all over the world. I don’t have a racist bone in my body. Christ is my savior, He died on the Cross for ALL people of ALL religions, colors, backgrounds, genders, you name it – All who enter through Him shall be saved. I put Christ first above ALL things, but I am upset by what I see going on in our country, and it is time for action! It is time to take a different path than the one we have been on and seen isn’t working!

And by the way – I have been a life long Democrat, and my parents, God rest their souls), we life long and proud Democrats as well! I am a first time Republican!

African-Americans, You are being duped by the people who want to destroy you right before your eyes! 83% of African-Americans are voting for Hilary Trump – You are voting for the party that is your enemy, you are voting for more of the same, and you are voting for a woman who is plain and simply – LYING TO YOU TO GET YOUR VOTE!

Trump WILL create manufacturing jobs, new industry – good paying jobs for all!

If you don’t believe me, google my facts! If you do believe me, but want more of the same kind of treatment, then please, vote for Hilary, and nothing will change for you. If you want to see true change for the future, your family, and the future of your children, may I suggest you vote for Trump.

By the way, Trump needs your vote and cares about your vote, Hilary thinks she has your vote in the bag already!


Thank you for your time.

This message was sent in to Silence is Consent this afternoon.


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