YOU DECIDE: Is This New Anonymous Theory on the Las Vegas Shooter True? Watch the Video

las vegas conspiracy theory

Conspiracy theories continue to spring up about Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter who killed 58 and wounded hundreds more last week. Most are complete hogwash, but one seems to be gaining traction online. A viral video (included below) that spells out a new theory about Paddock, the FBI, and ISIS seems too outrageous to be true, but is popular nevertheless.

Let’s spell out the details, so you can decide for yourself.

The video, posted by a person who claims to be in contact with a member of Anonymous, claims Paddock was part of an FBI sting on ISIS members in the United States. It claims that Anonymous has hacked the Las Vegas Police Department and viewed emails admitting that Paddock was an undercover FBI agent running a “Fast and Furious” type of bust to sell guns to ISIS members in the United States.

The theory, as they describe it, is that Paddock was selling guns to ISIS sympathizers as part of an ongoing investigation. ISIS, however, discovered he was FBI, killed him, and used the guns to carry out the attack. They then left, leaving Paddock behind to be the fall guy.

There are a few problems with the theory, however. Before you watch the video, let’s play Devil’s Advocate and see if the theory holds up under this logic.

If, in fact, this were an FBI sting, where are the agents? Why did they not step in? Why were they not monitoring the transaction? There should have been FBI agents in the next room, or at least, the same floor.

We know Paddock had some mental issues, based on those who knew him and eyewitness accounts. So why would the FBI use him instead of one of their own agents?

The video claims the video cameras were meant to record the transaction, but no sting would rely on implanted cameras by the undercover agent. They have far more sophisticated ways to monitor a room.

Why would Paddock, a supposed gun-runner, only sell guns easily available in stores and online? Why not sell true automatic assault rifles, as they did during Fast and Furious? What is the incentive for ISIS to use this guy? We know past mass shooters could easily buy their own guns without raising suspicion.

Lastly, we know local police and hotel security had Paddock cornered in the room, and the stairwell was secured. Paddock still shot 200 bullets through his hotel room door, hitting a guard. If he were an FBI agent, why would he shoot at the authorities? His cover was already blown, apparently, and we know no one else could have done it.

Keep some healthy skepticism in mind as you watch.

Here is the video.

The people that brought you a not guilty verdict for Hillary are now bringing mass murder to a town near you. Grab it before it's a memory.

Posted by Teamsters for Trump on Thursday, October 5, 2017

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