Democrat law maker rejects teaching kids the Declaration of Independence because it’s apparently racist

This woman was actually elected into office, and I guess nothing should surprise us anymore when it comes to elected official and their capacity for stupidity and ignorance.

Louisiana State Rep. Barbara Norton (Democrat…obviously) has a problem with a bill that apparently proposes that school children recite the Declaration of Independence. Since slavery was instituted at the time of it’s writing she argues that it’s “unfair” to have children (and I’m sure she’s only interested in black children here) recite what it says, particularly the truth that all men are created equal.

The charge is ludicrous, of course, given Norton is free now, in large part due to the abolition movement up until the civil war fought and literally spill blood to make the words of the Declaration of Independence more true then than the day it was first written. In fact, for the entire life of the nation there have always been movements motivated by the ideals put forth by that document, particularly the one about all men being created equal.

Norton’s abject ignorance and an overall dearth of intelligent thought on the matter prevent her from realizing any of that.

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