Democrat Policies Hurt the Poor, but Hillary Doesn’t Care

Democrat Polices are Bad for the Poor
Democrat Polices are Bad for the Poor

Barack Obama’s weakening economy strikes again. Walmart announced today that it’s cutting 7,000 jobs due to economic troubles. According to The Wall Street Journal, the 7,000 jobs will come from back office positions and will target employees who are in their offices at different stores. The retail giant says it will continue to work to put more employees on its sales floor. The job cuts, which will be phased in over the next few months (just in time for Christmas), will target Walmart’s most senior workers, since those are the ones who often make the most money. Back office and invoicing jobs at Walmart stores are one of the first steps to advancement for minimum wage workers. If democrats have their way and pass a mandatory $15.00 minimum wage nation wide people will lose jobs. Already giant box stores are considering automation to combat the minimum wage mandate they see coming their way.

There have been plenty of bad economic news these past few months, with companies like Sports Authority closing its doors totally. Retail icons Sears and Macy’s, meanwhile, have just drastically reduced their number of open retail locations.

For liberals, that’s perfectly fine. After all, those changes mean more people dependent on the government; while the left continues to berate these ‘greedy companies’ for not essentially operating as non for profits, arguing that’s the reason why they need to take more of their money.

Progressives who now form the Democrat Party frequently express their support for the poor and their intention to fight for them in the form of higher pay, better benefits, and redistribution schemes designed to punish the rich and, therefore, somehow make the poor feel better about their circumstances are doing just the opposite. Unfortunately, for the poor, Democrats also care about issues (social justice, environmental justice, pretty much any justice except criminal justice) which hurt the poor. Caring about all these other issues translates into actions that help those causes, but hurt the poor. When we look at the big picture, the demonstrated actions of the Democrat party made up of mostly and liberals and progressives, in general, almost always seem to make life harder, not easier, for the poor.

Right now climate change is at the top of many Democrats’ priority lists. If you’re black or Hispanic you’re at the bottom of their agenda. Oh sure they talk a good game, but their policies speaks louder than their talk. President Obama has called it a more important issue than terrorism. Unfortunately for the poor, all the actions Democrats have taken to combat climate change (and want to take going forward in order to make further progress on that issue) lead to higher energy prices. No matter what they try to promise you, green energy is still on average much more expensive than using fossil fuels. The poor spend more of their income on energy than the rich do, so higher energy costs while losing jobs are hard on the poor. Hillary Clinton has already said she wishes to continue Obama s policies. A vote for Hillary is a vote for continued job losses. A vote for Hillary is more of the same. From where I sit – for the working poor, a vote for Trump is a lot more hopeful. What do you have to lose?

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