Democrats Attack Woman for Yelling ‘Bill Clinton Is A Rapist’ at Hillary Rally

Bill Clinton is a rapist

Bill Clinton Is A Rapist

At a Hillary Clinton rally in Orlando Sunday night, a female protester was attacked after yelling out “Bill Clinton is a rapist.”

Sen. Tim Kaine was speaking to the crowd when the woman yelled out the words Hillary doesn’t want uttered. The woman, known only by the name “Erica” and the Twitter handle @FacMagnaAmerica, said she was attacked and her “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” sign was torn by Hillary supporters attending the rally.

Troy Campbell, a reporter for WKMG in Orlando, tweeted out footage of the end of the protest, as “Erica” was led from the rally by security.

“Erica” used Twitter to provide more details. “Tim Kaine & Hillbots were very triggered in Orlando. I hope someone filmed my whole tirade. This was the very end of it. There’s probably 10/15 more seconds of me going on about Wikileaks, too. Some Hillary Clinton supporter attacked me & tried to rip the sign out of my hands & and I got thrown out.”

H/T: The Gateway Pundit

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