Democrats harass and threaten Trump electors to vote for Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

Trump electors


Republican Trump electors across the nation are being pressured, harassed, and threatened over their support for Donald Trump.

In Texas, one Trumps elector says Democrats are contacting him and trying to force him to change his vote from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton. Some of

Party electors almost always vote for the candidate that wins the state’s popular vote, even if they are considered “unbound,” as they are in Texas.

Trump carried the Lone Star State’s popular vote by more than 800,000 votes, which would traditionally mean the state’s 38 electoral votes are cast for him.

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But Alex Kim, a Republican elector from Tarrant County, says he is getting up to 1,000 emails a day asking him to not support Trump.

“They either ask me not to vote, or to vote for Clinton,” he said.

Although many of the emails are part of a mass list, Kim said he was getting some personalized responses, as well.

When he replied to one lady from New Mexico, she wrote him saying, “F— you.”

Another person who wrote from the United Kingdom — she said she used to live in Texas — called Kim, “an affront to what it means to be an American.”

She goes on to write, “It’s unfortunate that someone so bludgeoned by their own assumptions is given such a heavy responsibility as yours.”

“Other says I’m offensive. How Texas one day needs to join the union. Texas is not the fabric of the United States,” Kim said, recalling other emails he’s received.

Here’s the video from WFAA, the ABC affiliate in Dallas.

It seems Democrats have forgotten the concept of democracy. Or class.

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