Democrats in South Texas charged bribing voters with weed, and other voter fraud

If you ever think someone must be high because they support Democrats, you would literally be correct. Also, anytime you hear Democrats cry foul about any law that mandates transparency and accountability our voting processes, it’s because of stories like this one. (emphasis in bold is mine)

WHAT DO YOU KNOW? Texas Republicans say state Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa needs to “come clean” about voting irregularities in the Rio Grande Valley.

Shady ballot brokers are “doping the vote” in the Rio Grande Valley, an election-watch group says. Now the FBI is on the case.

“(The politiqueras) took voters to their weed man after voting,” Logan Churchwell, a spokesman for True the Vote, told
Trafficking in petty cash and dime bags, politiqueras round up voters for South Texas candidates, nearly all Democrats. The pay-for-ballot activity has resulted in 11 federal indictments so far.

Republicans are turning up the heat on state Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa, a Brownsville resident and longtime political kingmaker in the Rio Grande Valley.

“He needs to come clean with the people of Texas (about whether he) personally participated in the corrupt practice of using politiqueras to commit voter fraud,” said state GOP Chairman Tom Mechler.

Hinojosa’s office did not respond to Watchdog’s request for comment, but the political boss has been outspoken in blasting Texas’ voter ID law.

“It’s comical that Chairman Hinojosa runs all over the state denouncing voter ID when the FBI is investigating voter fraud in his backyard,” Mechler said.

Citizens Against Voter Abuse, a local election-watch group, turned over evidence that mail-in ballots were manipulated by politiqueras during recent local elections…

All of the indicted politiqueras have a Democratic Party vote history…

“Corruption starts by stealing elections,” said Flores, who asserts that mail-in ballots are especially vulnerable to vote rigging. “We’ve seen the exact same handwriting on 50 or 60 (mail-in) ballot requests. It’s a huge red flag.”

Uh…ya think?

h/t California Political Review

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