DEVELOPING NOW: Helicopter Crashes in New York’s East River – 5 MISSING (VIDEO)

helicopter crash

A helicopter has crashed into the East River in New York City. Five people aboard the chopper were still on board when it hit the water and sank, and are still missing. Multiple videos of the crash are included below.

This is a developing story.

Rescue workers are on the scene, searching for those on board when it crashed and sank. One person has escaped.

Here is the latest from The Daily Mail.

A tour helicopter has crashed in New York City’s East River with five trapped inside as it sank.

The helicopter was upside down in the water on Sunday night near East 90th Street closer to the Manhattan bank, according to emergency radio traffic.

One person escaped and five were trapped inside as the helicopter sank, police said.

FDNY marine units were rushing to the scene to attempt rescue by around 7.20pm.

Footage from the moment of the crash shows the helicopter descending upright onto the water as if to land.

The red chopper hits the water and then begins to flip within seconds, its blades striking the river as it turned upside down.

Witnesses said the chopper sank beneath the water within minutes.

One person who escaped from the crash was picked up by a tugboat, sources said.

Roughly an hour after the crash, emergency services were still searching for the five people who were believed to be trapped on board when it sank.

Here is video of the crash from one Twitter user.

Here is another, closer video angle, from ABC News.

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