Did I.C.E. Agent Leave Suicide Note Warning of Hijacked Government’s Plans to Crush the United States?

This story has been circulating for a couple of weeks, with attempts to debunk it. These endeavors to discredit it, by the disinformation sites Snopes and Raw Story, appear to have been completely dismantled. So now I am addressing it, because if what was written in the note is true (even partially), it corroborates a conglomerate of information that ‘conspiracy theorists’ (realists) have urgently been attempting to get out to the public about our hijacked federal government’s plans for the future of America.

Keep in mind: One of the shadow architects of Obama’s rise to power, Common Core, and Black Lives Matter, is Bill Ayers. Obama launched his political career in Ayers’ living room in Chicago. Ayers has stated, on multiple occasions and on camera, that he was the shadow author of Obama’s biography Dreams From My Father.

Bill Ayers Has Ties to At Least Ten People in The White House Administration

Ayers is a radical communist and former leader of the domestic terrorism organization, The Weather Underground, who were infiltrated by FBI informant, Larry Grathwohl, in the 1970s. Grathwohl revealed the Weathermen’s stated goals of violently overthrowing the U.S. government and forcing all dissenters into labor camps (as all communist regimes do.) This sentiment has been openly supported by Hillary Clinton as recently as last year. They also planned to eliminate 25-30 million Americans by execution, also typical of communist regimes.

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The Weathermen were largely university-educated intellectuals with high degrees and social status. They realized their barbaric approach of bombing government buildings and murdering police officers was not going to be effective enough, so they formulated a new game plan, assimilating themselves into the education system and political positions as a means of subversion from the inside. Ayers and his terrorist wife, Bernardine Dohrn, became professors at the University of Illinois and Northwestern University School of Law, respectively. This is after they were on the FBI’s ‘Wanted’ list.


Communists actively conspiring to destroy the United States have been incredibly successful in achieving their long term goals, which became Congressional record in 1963.

The Communist Takeover of America – 45 Declared Goals

These are facts, not speculation.

Make what you will of the article and letter at the bottom of the page, but denial that these events have taken place in many other countries, and could very well be transpiring here in the United States, are naivety and cognitive bias in their most dangerous forms. Keep an open mind and do your own research to verify that all of the information put forth has been warned of by other insiders and journalists with high value informants. Barack Obama IS a radical Marxist, surrounded and controlled by more radical Marxists, Islamists, and demons of similar ilk.

JarrettObamaObama and Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett

FBI Files Prove Valerie Jarrett Is a Radical Communist/Islamist


ICE Agent Commits Suicide in NYC; Leaves Note Revealing Government Plans to Round-up & DISARM Americans During Economic & Bank Collapse

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