DISGUSTING: Antifa Thug Humiliates Disabled Veteran (VIDEO)

antifa thug assaults veteran

Antifa has shown themselves, time and time again, to be nothing more than a ruthless group of thugs determined to wreak havoc and harm innocent Americans. This fact has only been further confirmed with what they just did to an elderly, disabled veteran.

If there’s any group of men that we should respect, it’s those who put their lives on the line to protect this country. Every single day, the men and women in our military go through rigorous training and face the threat of death to protect this great nation.

So you’d think that an organization which claims to be “anti-fascist,” and to care about stopping tyrannical governments would care about those who have laid down their lives and dedicated years to serving our country. Apparently, they don’t.

The antifa scum in this video shown below are caught abusing a disabled veteran. They don’t give a damn about stopping tyranny or fighting fascism, they’re the ones that are promoting these things—everywhere they go, they use tactics of violence and intimidation to quell political opponents.

This time, however, they crossed the line. As a wheelchair-bound veteran was speaking with presumably a protester, a random Antifa thug came up, grabbed a the veteran’s bottle of water, and then poured it all over his face.

I’m sorry, but if I were there, I would have gone to prison over what I’d done to that thug. That veteran could have lost the use of his legs taking a bullet for this country. He could’ve watched his brothers die in his arms, as he was fighting in Vietnam to stop the spread of communism.

After this subhuman piece of filth poured water onto the veteran, he slinks away into the crowd. This is a tactic that’s typical of antifa—they’re like cowardly little weasels that can dish it out, but can’t take it.

Thankfully, a brave man in the crowd confronted him, but some woman had the audacity to yell: “It’s just water! It’s just f**king water!” Yes, we all know what he did, but it’s more than just that—it’s symbolic. It’s a blatant act of disrespect towards an elderly man who’s disabled.

Of course, all of these Antifa members are masked, a sign which should be telling of their intentions. When patriots rally to promote a good cause, they never wear masks—masks are only worn if the protesters, or more like “rioters,” in Antifa’s case, don’t want to be identified.

These violent rebels don’t give a flying crap about doing what’s right, all they care about is causing chaos and leaving widespread destruction in their wake. We’ve seen this at Berkeley, we’ve seen it at Ferguson, and we’ve seen it in Charlottesville.

It’s high time for President Trump to investigate the organizations that fund these sick cretin, and declare Antifa a terrorist organization. They’ve been spreading fear throughout our streets for far too long, and if one more veteran is disgraced by these satanic dirtbags, there will be an uprising.

If you think that this Antifa COWARD should be sent straight to jail, please give this article a share. Thank you and God bless this veteran!

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