DISGUSTING: Fashion Brand Profits Off Sexual Predators By Selling Controversial New Shirt

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We’ve all seen how far anti-Trump clothing stores are willing to go in order to push their political agenda, but apparently the fashion brands in America just hit an all time low. Clothing brand Meg Shops, which has locations in New York and Toronto, has released a controversial new shirt that’s making the rounds on Twitter.

The shirt is entitled “Knockin ‘Em Down Tour,” and features numerous people who’ve been accused of sexual assault. Ranging from Harvey Weinstein to Kevin Spacey, to Dustin Hoffman and Jeffrey Tambor, it’s got just about everyone—but there’s one thing that conservatives won’t like.

There’s dates marked for all of the sexual predators, signalling the day that they were accused in public—and then there’s President Trump’s name in bright red, who has a “To Be Determined” date stamped right next to him. Daily Mail reports:

The ever-growing list of powerful men in the media and entertainment industry accused of sexual harassment and assault is perhaps the defining news story of 2017. 

Now clothing brand Meg Shops, which has stores in New York and Toronto, has put its own unique spin on the scandal with its Another One Bites The Dust range – a t-shirt and sweatshirt with a list of accused men printed on the back.

The pieces which look a lot like tour merchandise list names such as Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer and the dates the accusations against them were first reported – and it even mentions US president Donald Trump with ‘to be advised’.  

According to the brand, $10 from the sale of every $49 t-shirt and $59 sweatshirt will ‘go to or support the New York Alliance Against Sexual Assault and Women’s Support Network of York Region, Ontario’.

However, the brand has faced a backlash from customers accusing it of ‘capitalising on pain’. 

One follower hit back at the brand on Twitter, saying:  ‘Maybe don’t sell shirts profiting off victims, this is gross.’

Another said that it’s commendable to donate or raise money for victims but that the brand is going about it the wrong way.

This is literally capitalizing on trauma,’ another wrote, while one suggested the brand should give away the entire cost rather than just $10.

MailOnline has contacted Meg Shops for further comment. 

The brand, set up in 1994 by Megan Kinney prides itself on being ‘made for women by women’. 

According to its website, the brand’s mission is to ’empower women through fashion and impact our communities by stocking woman owned accessory brands, supporting neighborhood schools, local factories and print shops as well as fundraising for important causes such as Planned Parenthood.’

If you think that this T-shirt capitalizing off of sexual victims, and blaming President Trump for crimes completely unproven is disgusting, please share this article.

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