Germany Finds Over 1,500 Cases of Child Marriage Among Refugees- 300+ Under Age 14!

The German government has recently found over 1,500 cases of child marriage among the unvetted migrants they allowed into their country over the past two years.

Of those roughly 1,500 cases of child marriage, 361 have been confirmed to be with children under the age of 14. Hmm, who would’ve seen this coming? It’s not like the Quran literally says that you can marry underage girls, right?

The Daily Caller reports:

“The German government agreed on a proposal Wednesday to outlaw child marriages after finding more than 1,500 cases of immigrant minors having adult spouses.”

“The Central Register of Foreign Nationals has documented a surge in child marriages in recent years. As of July 2016, 1,500 minors of non-German background were registered as married, including 361 under the age of 14.”

“The largest group of child brides, 664 minors, come from Syria followed by Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Okay, so first off, they shouldn’t even HAVE TO outlaw child marriages. Anyone who isn’t a damn barbarian should knows that pedophilia is a horrible crime!

Still, the incompetent liberals will defend this, claiming that it’s “intolerant,” and that they’re “not all like that.” Really? Then I want to know WHY THE HELL every time there’s a terrorist attack or rampant sexism, it’s got to do with the “religion of peace”?!

The Daily Caller continues:

“Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet wants to annul all marriages where a participant was under the age of 16 at the time of the wedding. Courts would further have the power to nullify marriages involving a person between 16 and 18 years of age.”

“The current age of consent for all marriages is 16 in Germany. Since the country doesn’t recognize “religious marriages,” authorities can’t do anything to stop the practice from taking place in many cases.”

“Schools across the country have warned that young girls frequently stop showing up to school after getting married.”

“ ‘There are frequently cases where a girl, usually between 13 and 15 years of age, suddenly no longer come to school,’ an anonymous teacher told newspaper Welt am Sonntag last August.

Hold on, did you catch that? They said that because the country doesn’t recognize “religious marriages,” that German authorities can’t do anything to stop these savages from marrying 12 year old girls.

Are you kidding? If that happened in this country, we would be up in arms! We would have every police officer on the block throwing these freaks in jail! But no, apparently Angela Merkel has sold her country out to globalist interests, and that would be too “intolerant.”

Germany has, at least, proposed a bill to protect girls who were married abroad and sought asylum in Germany. Although it isn’t much, at least they’re doing something.

Euro News reports:

“The bill was approved by the cabinet on Wednesday but it still needs a vote in parliament, which is expected in July. It calls for all marriages involving under-16s to be considered null and void, and courts will decide on a case-by-case basis whether to nullify those involving youths aged 16 to 18.”

“Additionally, the age of consent for all marriages across the country will be raised from 16 to 18 years.”

Let’s not this get to our country, folks—this is why we elected Trump, because we don’t want these so-called “refugees,” bringing their child brides here. Give this a share so that the American people can know the TRUTH!

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