DISGUSTING: Look Who CNN’s Van Jones Blames for School Shootings (VIDEO)

Van Jones

While CNN accuses Republicans for politicizing the Florida school shooting, it allows their own hosts and reporters to abandon any sense of journalistic integrity to advocate for radical gun control.

In the case of Van Jones, he used the issue of gun control to go after two things he really despises: white people and Republicans.

When Jones wants to pass along a controversial idea, and he doesn’t have the guts to say it himself, he does what many liberal journalists do – find someone else to say it and then report it as fact. In this case, it was a retweet of fake news.

Twitchy.com reports.

CNN’s Brian Stelter this morning called the spreading of Fake News and conspiracy theories about students from Stoneman Douglas HS “a form of pollution” that “poisons the environment for all of us” and that “it is making our society sick.”

OK, then. What does Stelter think of his CNN colleague Van Jones retweeting this conspiracy theory that the “common denominators” in mass shootings is that they’re committed by “while males under 30″ with AR-15s” and they’re “Republicans”?

Twitchy was referring to this tweet by @laurieshoe. It should be noted that after word of the tweet spread, Laurie Shoe made her account private, so this is a screenshot of the tweet, which was responding to Jones discussing the causes of mass shootings.

Van Jones

That, of course, led to some serious blowback.

Jones has not yet responded to the outrage over his seeming endorsement of fake news.

Van Jones has never been one to let the truth get in the way of a good narrative. This is the same person who was caught on hidden camera saying the Trump/Russia collusion story was a “nothing burger,” despite talking it up during his appearances on CNN.

That appears to be the issue here, as Jones and the rest of CNN dogpile on their favorite trifecta: gun control, Republicans, and white people.

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