Disgusting Thugs Try to Kidnap, Rape Young Daughter – Immediately Encounter HELL When Heroic Father Finds Out

Of all the things in the world that you don’t do, you certainly don’t attack a man’s daughter—ESPECIALLY if he’s a strong, patriotic father who’s willing to die for his family. Four teenage thugs learned that lesson all too late after trying to kidnap and presumably rape his 17-year-old daughter.

The liberal mainstream media constantly shames gun owners, and politicizes incredible tragedies to promote their ideological agenda. It should come as no surprise then, that they’ve been standing on the graves of the victims of the Texas Massacre, as well as the Las Vegas Massacre, for the past several weeks.

What they ignore however, is how guns are a tool—they can be used for good, or they can be used for bad. So while these four subhuman thugs planned on using their guns to kidnap, rape, and probably kill a 17-year-old girl, her father planned on using his own guns for a different purpose.

Four thugs, ranging from the ages of 15 to 19, had an intricate plan to kidnap 17-year-old girl in which they barricaded the street with barrels and trash cans, hoping that she would get out of the car. Fortunately for her, she had the awareness to notice that something was wrong, and immediately drove around the barrels and went into her house.

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These scumbags were persistent, however—they weren’t about to give up on their sick and twisted plans. After seeing her run inside, they immediately grabbed their guns and knives, ready to break down the garage door and storm the house. God only knows what they would’ve done to that teenage girl.

As they tried to pry open the garage door however, the 51-year-old homeowner grew furious at the thought of them breaking into his home and raping his daughter—that’s when he unleashed all seven layers of hell onto these disgusting barbarians. He immediately grabbed his guns and opened fire.

The cowardly thugs hadn’t planned for their victim to have a gun, so they dashed into the woods—thankfully however, they were subdued by police officers who ended up searching their vehicle…and what they found inside will send chills down your spine.

Daily Wire reports:

Police in Florida arrested four teens on Tuesday who had allegedly attempted to kidnap and rob a local family but had their plans ruined when the father of the family opened fire on them.

“The 51-year old homeowner says his 17-year old daughter had called him to tell him that someone had blocked the road to their house with barrels,” the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release.

A short time after receiving the phone call, the father heard his dogs barking and saw his security lights turn on outside, at which point he went and grabbed his gun.

He opened fire on the teens when he noticed they were trying to break into his garage.

A neighbor who heard the gunfire noticed a vehicle she didn’t recognize parked near her house and called the police to give a description of the suspicious vehicle. Police later caught up with the teens as they drove off, and made a felony traffic stop.

“The OCSO investigation revealed the teens had concocted a plan to kidnap the teenage daughter,” the sheriff’s office wrote in a statement. “The goal was to first force her out of her car by blocking the road with barrels and garbage cans. (However their intended victim drove around the barrels and kept going.) They then planned to head to her house, confront and subdue her father — who they believed to be wealthy — and rob the home.”

Police arrested and charged Keilon Johnson, 19, Austin French, 17, Tyree Johnson, 16, and Kamauri Horn, 15, with attempted kidnapping and attempted home invasion robbery.

A Facebook post by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office reveals that the SUV which these thugs were busted in contained latex gloves, suggesting that they may have planned something sinister and didn’t want to spread blood or DNA evidence while they committed their atrocities.

This is yet another example of media silence on the racial hatred in this country—if four white men had tried to do the same to a black homeowner and his 17-year-old daughter, CNN, MSNBC, and every single other media outlet in the nation would be airing 24/7 coverage for WEEKS.

Of course when four racist thugs try to kidnap and rape a 17-year-old daughter however, their race isn’t even mentioned. This is what 8 years of Obama politics has done to our nation, and it’s high time that we start speaking out and standing up for our country and for our citizens.

If you think these disgusting, subhuman thugs should get PRISON FOR LIFE, please give this article a share! Thank you and God bless America, and God bless our troops.

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