Disney Channel Show for Kindergartners Features A Lesbian Couple Voiced by Two Famous Actresses – SHARE THIS WITH PARENTS

Disney Channel lesbian couple

A Disney Channel show geared towards preschoolers and kindergartners introduced a lesbian couple in an episode that aired this weekend. LGBTQ activists are applauding the move as a major step forward in public acceptance of gay parents.

The show, “Doc McStuffins,” follows a young girl who aspires to be a doctor, and spends her time fixing broken toys. The episode that aired this weekend, “The Emergency Plan,” featured a lesbian couple with kids of their own. The characters were voiced by two well-known gay actresses – Wanda Sykes and Portia de Rossi.

Sykes, who came out nearly ten years ago, has been a vocal supporter and activist for LGBTQ rights. De Rossi, who is married to TV host and comedian Ellen Degeneres, is one of the stars of “Arrested Development.”

According to One Million Moms, this isn’t the first time the Disney Channel has featured gay couples in its shows. Earlier this year, Disney Channel’s “Star vs. The Forces of Evil,” a cartoon for pre-teens, featured several gay kids kissing. Its live-action show “Good Luck Charlie” has featured a gay relationship for some time.

Actress Raven-Symoné Pearman, who once starred in the Disney Channel show “That’s So Raven,” came out as gay after leaving the show. She recently returned to the channel to star in a reboot of the series. Her character is not gay in the show.

GLAAD has enthusiastically praised “Doc McStuffins” for deciding to include the gay characters. They feel the Disney Channel lesbian couple is a first step in ensuring a positive portrayal of gay parents.

LGBTQ website Out.com provides details.

Wanda Sykes and Portia de Rossi, two of Hollywood’s most well-known queer women, have helped bring a positive portrayal of a LGBT family to children by voicing a queer couple on Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins.

“Children like mine deserve the chance to see their families reflected on TV, and this episode does just that in a beautiful and positive way,” said GLAAD President and CEO CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. “Shows like this reflect our real world, and today that includes the many children being raised by gay and lesbian parents who are all going to celebrate this story.”

Chris Nee, the show’s creator, adds, “I always envision Doc McStuffins as a show about what it means to accept everyone as part of our communities. As part of a two-mom family, I’m proud to have an episode that reflects my son’s world, and shows everyone that love is love in McStuffinsville.”

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