Donald Trump Has A Hilarious New Nickname for CNN’s Jim Acosta

Jim Acosta

President Trump took to Twitter today to coin yet another nickname for one of his opponents – and this time, it’s CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Among Trump supporters, Acosta is known as the prima donna of the White House press corps. It’s hard to dispute that – even Acosta’s supporters admit the reporter enjoys making a spectacle of himself during on-camera briefings and complaining loudly when he doesn’t get his way.

He’s likely furious, then, to know that President Donald Trump has deemed him nickname-worthy. One would expect Acosta to jump at the chance to respond. Oddly, Acosta has been silent on Twitter since the President mentioned him – probably because his bosses don’t want him to attempt a response that will only make him look even more ridiculous.

Yesterday, Acosta was his usual self, complaining that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders wouldn’t call on him.

And then, he gave the White House a backhanded compliment, admitting the GOP and the President had won the Schumer Shutdown standoff.

That was all President Trump needed. The Daily Mail reports what happened next.

Donald Trump mocked a CNN reporter on Tuesday, teasing him for writing that White House aides believed they won big in Monday’s government shutdown showdown.

White House correspondent Jim Acosta tweeted Monday: ‘Trump world and WH sources dancing in end zone: “Trump wins again…” Schumer and Dems “caved… gambled and lost”.’

For Trump, who has called Acosta a purveyor of ‘fake news,’ the victory lap was too good to resist.

‘Even Crazy Jim Acosta of Fake News CNN agrees,’ he tweeted. ‘Thank you for your honesty Jim!’

Acosta is a reliable thorn in Trump’s side, regularly lobbing rhetorical grenades at the White House during press briefings.

He’s also known for complaining bitterly whenever he isn’t called on to ask a question.

A brief government shutdown ended Monday night when the president signed a short-term spending bill that will fund the government through February 8.

Here is the President’s tweet echoing Acosta’s sentiments over the shutdown win.

Then early this morning, the President delivered the deathblow.

As mentioned earlier, Acosta’s Twitter has been strangely silent since then.

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