Dems and Media FURIOUS After Trump Twitter Storm Attack on WH Leaks

Trump Twitter storm

Donald Trump has a message for the government workers behind the leak of classified information: we’re coming to get you!

This morning, the President started his day by unleashing his fury upon the media, Democrats, and the members of the intelligence community leaking classified information. Things have come to a head recently after it was revealed that the government secretly recorded Gen. Michael Flynn’s telephone conversation with the Russian ambassador and released it to the public.

First, the President targeted The New York Times, who has led an obsessive campaign to paint the new administration as inept and corrupt. They have also printed numerous leaks from government insiders, much of it illegally released.

Then, the President sent a message to those behind the leaks.

President Trump then threw some shade at the mainstream media.

Finally, the President dismissed the Russia scandal by slamming Democrats’ performance in the election. Somewhere, Hillary Clinton’s ears are burning.

The tweets were met with the typical response, with the media and Democrats portraying the President’s tweets as petty and vindictive.

What do you think of the President Trump Twitter storm? Let us know in the comments, because we want to hear from you!

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