DON’T MESS WITH THE U.S. – American military strength DWARFS our enemies – SEE THE OFFICIAL RANKINGS

American military strength

Even after eight years of Barack Obama, the United States military is still the greatest superpower in the world, according to a new yearly ranking by Global Firepower. The American military strength, along with its defense budget, dwarfs the next closest countries, Russia and China. A list of the top twenty military powers by country is included below.

America’s supremacy is not even a matter of debate. The United States currently spends over $600 billion a year on its military. Russia, ranked second, only spends $45 billion a year.

President Donald Trump has promised a $54 billion increase for the military next year, which is more than Russia’s TOTAL military budget. Trump said the extra money will reinforce the Navy and Air Force, and replace aging military equipment. American military strength will be an important factor as the War on Terror continues.

Here is more from The Daily Mail.

The ranking of 106 nations was based on more than 50 factors and looked at each country’s military budget, manpower and the amount of equipment it had.

It also focused on the country’s range of weaponry, logistical flexibility and natural resources, while NATO powers were given a slight boost because of the sharing of resources.

Nuclear stockpiles were taken into account but not recognized, in the figures compiled by Global Firepower.

As well as its huge defense budget, the US has 19 aircraft/helicopter carriers, 5,884 tanks, 13,762 aircraft, a total naval strength of 415 and 1,400,000 active frontline personnel.

Aircraft carriers greatly enhance a country’s overall military strength, as they allow nations to have mobile naval and air force bases. The figures for ‘aircraft carriers’ here also include ‘helicopter carrier’ vessels.

Russia has only one aircraft carrier (the Soviet-built Admiral Kuznetsov), but 20,215 tanks, 3,794 aircraft and a naval strength of 352, with 766,055 active frontline personnel.

It also hopes to build the ‘biggest aircraft carrier in the world’ to compete with the US, according to Russian state media.

China has one aircraft carrier (the Soviet-era Liaoning), 6,457 tanks, 2,955 aircraft, 714 ships and 2,335,000 in the armed forces.

Development of China’s first domestically built aircraft carrier began in 2013 and construction in late 2015.

It is expected to be formally commissioned before 2020, after sea trials and the arrival of its full air complement.

Here is the ranking of the top twenty military powers, with budget size included.

#1 UNITED STATES – Budget – $587,800,000,000

#2 RUSSIA – Budget – $44,600,000,000

#3 CHINA – Budget – $161,700,000,000

#4 INDIA – Budget – $51,000,000,000

#5 FRANCE – Budget – $35,000,000,000

#6 UK – Budget – $45,700,000,00

#7 JAPAN – Budget – $43,800,000,000

#8 TURKEY – Budget – $8,208,000,000

#9 GERMANY – Budget – $39,200,000,000

#10 ITALY – Budget – $34,000,000,000

#11 SOUTH KOREA – Budget – $43,800,000,000

#12 EGYPT – Budget – $4,400,000,000

#13 PAKISTAN – Budget – $7,000,000,000

#14 INDONESIA – Budget – $6,900,000,000

#15 ISRAEL – Budget – $15,500,000,000

#16 VIETNAM – Budget – $3,365,000,000

#17 BRAZIL – Budget –  $24,500,000,000

#18 POLAND – Budget – $9,360,000,000

#19 TAIWAN – Budget – $10,725,000,000

#20 IRAN – Budget – $6,300,000,000

For the record, North Korea sits at #23 with a budget of $7.5 billion, which still puts them ahead of Canada.

American military strength

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