Dr. Ben Carson vs. The View = Advantage Carson

Like with their bout with Rick Santorum, Dr. Carson proves he has more intelligence in a hangnail on his little finger than all of these women put together, and then cloned times infinity.

I watched initially on my phone and I almost broke it when I heard Behar repben-carson-the-view-video-thumbeat, AGAIN, the LIE that Planned Parenthood gives mammograms.

Not only has PP’s CEO admitted they don’t do that, but Rick Santorum sat right next to her and put that crap to bed not one week ago!!!

They actually insisted he (Santorum) was wrong until he cited Cecile Richards’s own admission to Congress, which tells you all you need to know about how much these peabrains pay attention to the news.

And Behar repeats this lie…STILL.

These are despicable people, but it’s fun to watch the good doctor make them take their medicine.

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