EIFFEL TOWER TERROR ATTACK – Guess What the Knife-Wielding Attacker Was Yelling

Eiffel Tower terror attack

A lone crazed man with a knife ran through security and into the Eiffel Tower in Paris late last night. You can likely guess what the man was yelling when confronted by police.

The man was reportedly wearing a Paris Saint-Germain football shirt and holding a knife when he tried to enter the tower. According to those on the scene, the man was yelling “Allahu Akbar.”

No one was hurt, as police confronted him quickly and kept visitors out of harm’s way. He was subdued and arrested. It appears he was acting alone.

The man is reportedly 19 and has a history of psychological problems. Given his mental status, it is not clear if he was merely screaming the words because he was crazy or if he was truly inspired by radical Islam.

Authorities report the man is a French citizen but is from the African country of Mauritania. He had recently been released from a mental hospital.

The Daily Mail reports on what happened when police confronted the man.

Soldiers who are permanently stationed at the Eiffel Tower ordered him to drop his weapon, which he did without attacking anyone, the source added.

The monument, which was lit up to celebrate Paris St Germain football team signing Brazilian footballer Neymar, was evacuated at around 12.30am.

The man, who was apparently alone, was ‘very quickly overpowered and arrested’ and nobody was hurt, a statement from the company that runs the monument said.

After the arrest, police at the site checked the venue and called for it to be evacuated 15 minutes before the Eiffel Tower normally closes, the statement added.

France has been under a state of emergency since the November 2015 attacks on Paris restaurants, a concert venue and a sports stadium that left 130 people dead.

Since the first wave of terror attacks in January 2015, 239 people have been killed.

Here is video from the scene of the Eiffel Tower Terror Attack:

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