Ellen Attacks Trump: ‘I Don’t Want to Give Him a Platform,’ But Forgets Nobody Watches Her Anymore (VIDEO)

Ellen DeGeneres, host of The Ellen Show, recently lambasted President Donald J. Trump, saying that he’s a threat to gay people. Apparently however, she forgot that her show hasn’t been relevant since 2008.

With our liberal mainstream culture nowadays, it’s all the rage to attack Donald Trump and anyone else who doesn’t tow the politically correct line. It should come as no surprise then, that Ellen DeGeneres, talk show host and self-proclaimed gay rights activist, attacked the President.

On Wednesday, while speaking with Megyn Kelly, she stated that she would never have President Trump on her show, because “not only [is he] dangerous for the country and for me personally as a gay woman, but to the world.” Apparently she thinks that our conservative President is more of a threat to the world and to gays than ISIS.

She made the remark after asking Kelly whether or not she’d be willing to invite Trump onto her new show, Megyn Kelly Today. Despite the previous feud between the ex-Fox News reporter and President Donald Trump, she said that she would definitely be willing to have him on—which surprised Ellen.

Daily Wire reports:

Ellen did not explain what she meant by Trump being “dangerous” to gay people. Despite similar, repeated accusations from the Left, Trump was elected as the most pro-LGBT Republican ever and has made clear that he is “fine” with the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage. The truth is, Trump likely supported gay marriage before Hillary Clinton, who did not endorse it until 2013.

If Ellen feels threatened by Trump’s DOJ defending the First Amendment right of a private business owner to choose not to “create expression for and participate” in a ceremony, like a gay wedding, with which his deeply held beliefs conflict, her issue is with the Constitution, not Trump. If she is conflating gay people with transgender individuals, Trump’s “transgender military ban” is actually just a return to a decades-old policy only reversed by President Obama in his final term and based in pragmatic issues, not ideological ones.

Despite constant accusations towards President Trump over being “anti-gay,” there’s zero evidence that he’s ever been against homosexuals. In fact, there’s ample evidence to suggest the opposite according to The Hill. Not only has he been known for donating to numerous AIDS charity funds, but he’s also known for staffing his administration with people regardless of sexual orientation. This article described his intent as he prepared to take office.

In the 1980s & 1990s Trump donated heavily to charities that focused on the AIDS outbreak. When he floated a third party presidential run in 1999 he went on record saying he would consider adding sexual orientation to the Civil Rights Act. Trump is also believed to be the first private club owner in Palm Beach — in this case Mar-a-Lago — to admit a gay couple. This is not the resume of an LGBT foe.

Fast forward to the 2016 election and Trump’s view of the LGBT community remained unchanged. In June 2015 he forcefully condemnedthe terror attack at Pulse nightclub, a LGBT club. In condemning this attack, Trump bravely spoke an ugly truth many in the elite dare not speak – radical Islam and the LGBT community do not mix. Trump took this truth to Cleveland when he vowed to protect the LGBT community. …

Trump asked gay Silicon Valley tycoon Peter Thiel to address the Republican delegates. Thiel accepted then and is now a part of Trump’s transition team. And now Trump is said to be considering Richard Grenell, an openly gay man, to be his ambassador to the U.N.

Ellen’s ratings have plummeted in the past decade, perhaps because she’s out of touch with Americans. It’s no wonder that she’s taking every opportunity that she can get to attack President Trump then, as it’s certain she needs as much free publicity as she can get. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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