DISGUSTING: Liberal reveals SICK PLAN on how “allies” should best resist Trump

Emily Yoshida is a Twitter VIP, we know this because she has that ‘blue check mark’ next to her name.

Emily Yoshida

It’s the same blue check mark celebrities like Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, and Kim Kardashian’s left butt cheek have on their profiles. So she’s a BIG DEAL! Ok?

Why? Because she writes for some magazines, I’d tell you what they are, but the only person who cares less than you about this is me…so let’s move on to why we need to talk about her.

Yesterday while Ms. Emily was polishing her blue checkmark she got a really neat idea in her head. It must’ve felt like a real humdinger because she was able to post it to Twitter and resist the use abbreviations such as “u” and “2” and “b” and “&.” All that was missing was the hastag.

Emily Yoshida Tweet

How about this, #UrineTroubleNow.

Then came the instructions to these men on HOW to pee. (#woMANsplaining)

Emily Yoshida Tweet

Emily Yoshida Tweet

Yes, because in this galaxy “fellows” who don’t “resist” Trump also don’t dress like Stormtroopers.

With gems like this Disney should hire her to write Star Wars episode 9 #WhatWouldEmilyOrganaDo

So a short while later it dawns on her that some people refuse to bask in the glow of her brilliance, and that it was an “art project” known as a “thinker” all along. This is so obvious that she feels the need to specify that people “don’t have to do it,” because jokes that are obvious need explanation.

Emily Yoshida Tweet

That’s right, she just said that the AHCA will kill millions. Granting she’s right (she’s not, this is idiotic) the AHCA would have A LOT of catching up to do before they could make Planned Parenthood (which I suspect Yoshida supports) blush. So I don’t understand her point.

Emily Yoshida Tweet

Emily Yoshida Tweet

Yeah it’s really dumb to take this seriously because the left NEVER resorts to bodily waste as a form of political expression.

Leftist pooping Leftist pooping

You see? It’s totally stupid to think liberals really do want to pee on Trump Tower.

Then comes the moment that explains all of the insanity that preceded it.


Projection much? Anyone who dates her should consider investing in sweatsuits and splash guards. Just sayin.’

Was this a joke, or did Emily Yoshida just start backpedaling? Share this on social media and let us know in the comments.

h/t The Gateway Pundit

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