Environmentalists left a dead guy in the trash at the Dakota Access Pipeline camp site

Dakota Access Pipeline

In perhaps the most cold-blooded example of recycling ever, environmental protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp site left a dead body behind in the piles of trash that collected there.

The body of Damjan Nedelkovski was found Sunday by a fisherman on the Cannonball River, near the site of the protest camp. Nedelkovski was participating in the protests but had gone missing since October 29 of last year, the last time anyone had contact with him. He was from Macedonia and was identified from his identification card after his body was found floating in the Cannonball River. He was known to frequent protest sites like the one in Dakota.

If his body is only being found now, it is believed to have been uncovered by the massive cleanup of tons of garbage on the site, which spilled into the river.

Although the cause of death has not been determined, foul play could have been a factor. Violence at the protest site was common, and according to The Daily Caller, a number of individuals with criminal records were there. The death of one of their own just adds to a brutal, hypocritical legacy left behind by the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters.

Local officials argue the demonstration were violent enough to warrant task force help. Former GOP North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple, for instance, asked Wyoming Highway Patrol earlier this year to send riot squads and cops with active shooter training to suppress violent anti-pipeline protests, according to documents obtained by a media advocacy group.

He wanted help dealing with “civil unrest” and “criminal activities” related to the protests, according to public records communications obtained in February by Muck Rock.

The North Dakota Republican asked his Wyoming counterpart in a Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) request to send 40 officers to Morton County for assistance quelling what he deemed increasingly violent protests. An EMAC allows states to share valuable resources during emergency situations.

The demonstrations resulted in significant damage to private property, as well as numerous acts of lawlessness.

Morton County officials believe 94 percent of the 709 arrests at the Oceti and Sacred Campsites were of people from outside of North Dakota. Officials also said 221 of those apprehended had prior criminal records.

The protests also created significant property damage. More than 544 households reported losses ranging from $15,000 to $20,000 each from crop losses. The total equates to over $8 million in total losses.

Apparently, the protesters seemed more concerned about protecting the environment than one of their own. It took about two weeks before anyone even noticed Nedelkovski was gone, as a missing persons report was filed by a family member in mid-November.

The self-righteous preaching about polluting the environment and saving humanity that the DAPL protesters dished out for months is now being exposed for the sham that it is.

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