EPIC VIDEO From First-Time Voter: “I’m a Latino, a Deplorable, and I voted for Donald Trump”

Latinos for Trump

Latino voter

Angelo R. Gomez is a young Latino voting in his first Presidential election this year. However, contrary to what many Democrats would have you believe, he is one of many Latinos for Trump. And he wants to tell you why.

Gomez is an advisor with Latinos for Trump, and he has already declared himself a candidate for President. In 2036, that is.

Until then, he is working to advance the Republican party. That includes voting for Donald Trump. He took video of his voting experience on the first day of early voting, and described why he is backing Trump. He issues a scathing indictment of Hillary and her decades-long reign of corruption in Washington. Watch the video for yourself.


You can follow Gomez through his website, AngeloRGomez.com.



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