EPIC VIDEO: Marine’s Karate Demonstration Goes Sideways- OOOPS!

Marine karate chop

A YouTube video that is going viral in recent days proves the old adage: don’t mess with Marines.

The video, featuring a Marine identified only as Sgt. Kerns, shows the demonstration of a move called the “brachial stun.” It is caused with a shot to the brachial plexus, a network of nerves near the base of the neck and shoulder. A well-placed hit to this nerve center sends the body into shock momentarily, rendering the victim unable to move.

In the video, Sgt. Kerns demonstrates the move on a fellow Marine who is egging him on. The other Marine soon regrets doing that, as the hit knocks him out, and down onto the floor. Sgt. Kerns is not moved by the result. In fact, he bursts into a fit of laughter. We do not see how the unconscious Marine reacts once he comes to.

Hundreds of thousands of YouTube visitors have rediscovered the epic Marine karate chop demonstration video recently. You can see it here. Enjoy!

H/T: UK Daily Mail

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