Even Saturday Night Live is mocking Hillary Clinton now! (HILARIOUS VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton Saturday Night Live

PIGS ARE FLYING! Even Saturday Night Live cannot help mocking Hillary Clinton now.

The latest episode of Saturday Night Live tries to once again marginalize Donald Trump, all while trying to make Hillary Clinton look sympathetic. It doesn’t work. If anything, it actually hurt the liberal cause, and mocked Hillary instead. The sketch just reminds us all of the reasons why voters didn’t like her.

Hillary Clinton supporters will likely enjoy the sketch, featuring Kate McKinnon doing a pretty good Hillary impression. That’s because they are too blinded by Hillary adoration to see the subtext. It is hard for them to admit the obvious.

First, let’s acknowledge how pathetic the premise is. Hillary Clinton shows up to an elector’s house to beg for her vote. “SNL Hillary” is portrayed as a sour-grapes loser right off the bat; she even acknowledges she lost. That is something the real Hillary Clinton would never do.

In addition, there are more than a few jokes at Hillary’s personal expense. Even the elector gets bored when Hillary starts her spiel of trumpeting her accomplishments. It’s the same rehearsed stump speech that made her so boring and impersonal in real life. “SNL Hillary” even admits she has never actually seen a movie, another slam on her inability to appear personable and likable.

At one point, “SNL Hillary” runs off a laundry list of characteristics that make Trump unsuitable to be President. The idea backfires, however. Every time they mention “Russian hacking” or “the popular vote” or Trump’s “temperament” as a joke, it makes it harder for America to take the arguments seriously in real life. After all the jokes and memes, does anyone really buy into the hacking argument anymore?

Things are so bad for Hillary, even when Saturday Night Live tries to make fun of Donald Trump, it backfires.

Watch it for yourself.

Nice try, SNL, but no cigar. When a Hillary Clinton Saturday Night Live sketch only manages to make your side look whiny and pathetic, it only does Republicans a service.

What do you think? Did the Hillary Clinton Saturday Night Live sketch help or hurt Donald Trump? Let us know in the comments!

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