EVIL GEORGE SOROS: An Un-elected Super Power That Should Be In PRISON

George Soros

Who is George Soros? The answer is, the un-elected multi-billionaire trying to run America and influence our elections with evil intention.

The news that Soros gave nearly $250 million to the feminist groups behind the Women’s March is the latest example of his ambitions. He often funds groups wanting to radically change America. More importantly, he is funding movements that undermine traditional American values and institutions.

George Soros is a Hungarian-American businessman active within the Democratic party and a 2005 founder of the Democracy Alliance (DA), who has openly used his money to influence multiple elections since the early 2000s.

Soros and other multi-millionaires and billionaires developed the DA in an attempt to foster “grassroots” advocacy groups pushing leftist ideals.

Politico describes the DA as a group that requires the ultra rich, labor unions and liberal foundation members to contribute a minimum of $200,000 a year for the privilege of making group recommendations, in addition to annual dues of $30,000. Since its inception, the DA has provided over $500 million to a range of groups. Many of these groups have ties to the Clintons.

Politico reports that Soros himself donated $25 million to supporting Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes in 2016.

What next?

Now, Marc Elias, a top lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, has joined a Democratic super PAC funded in part by Soros. The focus, to fight individual state voter identification laws. Elias, using Soros’ billions has filed multiple lawsuits in various states challenging voter identification laws in multiple states while working for Clinton in the past. Soros and his son have donated almost ten million dollars to this Super PAC.

Marc Elias

Not surprising, the focus will be in states with Republican dominated legislatures.

Why the emphasis on voter identification laws?

Pew Research Center reports there are 11.1 million unauthorized people currently in the US. While it is impossible to know how many of these people voted illegally, it is foreseeable that this number of could influence local and national elections.

The Washington Times uses the research of political scientist Jesse Richman to estimate that over 800,000 net votes were cast for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Are Democrats really worried about the rights of American citizens?

This Democratic Super PAC is using the money of elitist and globalists Soros to unfairly influence American elections in favor of the Democratic party. Striking down voter identification laws that would void illegal voters is one way to ensure the goal.

In Soros’ world, elections are for the ignorant masses. To have real power, one must simply be obscenely rich. Money equals the ability to purchase power and influence.

Americans are letting Soros get away with it.

Today the media remains as focused as ever to prove the non-existent “Russia link” to the Trump Administration. Meanwhile Soros and his family are quietly running the media, the Democratic party, and eventually the America if we continue to allow it.

Time to drain the swamp.

Trump is draining the swamp. He is a man who cannot be bought. Men like Soros depend on politicians who can be purchased to maintain power. Trump is the ultimate adversary for Soros.

The American people elected President Trump. If we fail to stay vigilant, however, un-elected billionaires like Mr. Soros will continue to influence our political system.

The choice is yours.

Expect more from your legislature. Stay involved, do your research, and in addition, let your politicians know that you are watching them.

No one elected Soros or his cronies, so why are you giving him all the power?

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