Ex-Clinton Aide DESTROYS Media Lies About “Undocumenteds” – 84% of America is On OUR SIDE!

Ever since President Trump was elected into office, the media has been in a full-on frenzy trying to denounce the evils of having borders. They’ve plastered images of children all over the news, called conservatives heartless, and some have even called to harass and abuse Trump supporters—but after what an ex-Clinton aide just spilled on national television, these lies may come to an end once and for all.

Despite what you may think, the majority of Americans have common sense. Although it may not seem like this when you scroll through endless Facebook feed of SJW’s sharing stupid quotes and ridiculous socialist content, the fact of the matter is that most Americans are for having borders. And they aren’t fans of sanctuary cities.

Of course, Hillary Clinton doesn’t want you to know this, and neither do the Democrats. They want conservatives to feel like they’re all in the dark with their “outdated” and “hateful” beliefs. That’s how they win—by peer pressuring people into submission. Unfortunately for them however, their time just ran out.

According to The Hill, a whopping 84% of Americans support turning over illegal immigrants to ICE:

Prominent Democratic pollster Mark Penn said on Thursday that a vast majority of Americans don’t really support so-called sanctuary cities that shield immigrants in the country illegally from deportation.

Penn, who served as chief strategist for Hillary Clinton‘s 2008 presidential campaign, revealed that 84 percent of Americans favor turning undocumented immigrants over to federal agents.

“I asked them, ‘Do you think notifying ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] would in fact increase crime because it would inhibit people from reporting crimes or does it decrease crimes because it takes criminals off the street,’ and they overwhelming said ‘decrease,’ ” Penn told Hill.TV’s “Rising.”

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Penn found that, despite what the media says people think about sanctuary cities, what they actually believe when they consider the facts is far different.

Penn said the response was strikingly “out of sync” with what the public might think about sanctuary cities. The broad term refers to cities that don’t fully cooperate with federal authorities when it comes to turning over people in the country illegally to immigration enforcement.

“When someone’s arrested, they expect someone will notify federal immigration authorities just as they would expect someone who violates state tax law will find out that they notified the IRS,” the pollster said.

President Trump has made sanctuary cities a frequent target during his administration, arguing that they make the U.S. less safe. In January, Trump signed an executive order in an effort to withhold money from sanctuary cities, though some of that money did still go to those cities.

As expected, those sanctuary cities are upset now that the money train isn’t stopping in their town.

Some cities protested Trump’s crackdown. Mayors, including New York’s Bill de Blasio and then-New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, boycotted a meeting with Trump following his executive order. De Blasio called the order a “racist assault” on sanctuary cities. 

But it looks like Trump has achieved a victory — at least for now.

A federal appeals court on Tuesday temporarily narrowed the scope of a nationwide injunction against the Trump administration’s attempt to withhold grants from sanctuary cities.

And there you have it, folks—not sugar coated lies that CNN tries to shove down your throats, but the real, God’s honest trust. These radical leftists who are crying for open borders aren’t common at all, and in fact, when it comes right down to it, most of America is on OUR side. The side of TRUMP!

If you’re PROUD to be an American, and you’re part of the 84% who believe illegals should be turned over to ICE, then please give this article a share! Thank you and God bless.

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