EXCLUSIVE: Pro-Trump Supporters Rally at Trump Tower in NYC – FULL STORY

A peaceful, patriotic, pro-Trump rally took place outside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue Super Bowl Sunday from 12 noon until 3 pm. The rally was planned show support for President Trump. These supporters are standing “in solidarity for support of the electoral college process and pride in America,” according to a news release. Politicians including former Congressman Bob Turner was  the emcee.  Turner is the current Queens GOP County Chair.  He was also an early Trump supporter.  Many elected officials, noted personalities from the arts turned out to show support. Leaders from over 60 organizations from every area of NY attended, along with leaders from New Jersey and participants from neighboring states.

“He is our president and deserves a chance to do his job,” The New York State Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long said.

The crowd carried homemade signs that pledged their support for the president’s policies, such as the Mexican wall, and the temporary travel ban, and shouted his slogans, such as “America First.”

This rally was truly the picture of unity with signs held up high by about 1000 New Yorkers hitting the streets. We saw signs such as Chinese-Americans for Trump, Jews for Trump, and Latinos for Trump, and Women for Trump. It was a huge contrast to the angry, riots and protests that have taken place since President Trump took office. Pr-Trump supporters were smiling, and chanting “TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP” and “We support our president”

The organizer said this:

“People are tired of the rants, violence and vulgarity against Trump,” Cindy Grosz, a co-organizer of the pro-Trump rally, said.

“We need to have our voices heard,” said Grace Colucci, 58, of Commack. The past two weekends have featured protests against the president’s policies where tens of thousands of demonstrators came out. Groups like the National Latino Coalition, Asian Americans for Trump, Jews Choose Trump,  Choose to Refuse the Common Core, and multiple county Republican, Conservative and Tea Party clubs are sending groups to stand with pride to Make America Great Again.  College Republican groups are banded together and veterans groups came to join us. Each participant was asked to bring  their own American flags to show solidarity and pride in the Stars and Stripes of America.”

George R. Prezioso, Chairman, Catholic Citizens Foundation, “It’s about time we have a president in the White House who supports Christians, especially those in the Middle East who have been persecuted for too long.”
“Pro Trump rallies tend to become anti-Semitic rallies ” stated author and government advisor Alan Skorski.  Chants of I’m With Israel came from women with the Christians for Israel group.
As a pro-Israel activist, Chair Cindy Grosz confirms multiple Jewish and Zionists groups attended and supported her work including Americans For A Safe Israel, Zionists for Trump and Jewish Democrats for Trump.
 “As someone who has known the president’s choice for Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, for decades, I can personally assure that issues in the Middle East are in good hands.”
Diane Atkins,, NY co-chair, “Americans are unified behind President Trump and his policies, regardless of what propaganda and fake news say.  President T rump is fighting hard to protect all Americans and lift up and heal our nation, and we as people stand with him in that fight….and together we will win.”
Jose Rivera, the ConservaRican radio show and Sue Ann Penna, a host of The Voice of Liberty, and activists for Republican and Conservatives issues are the co-chairmen from New Jersey were all present.

The “We the People Support President Trump” rally was organized by Cindy Grosz, of the Queens Village Republican Club. Supporters waved American flags, carried signs and sang patriotic songs.Despite protests across the country against the president’s travel ban of people from seven Muslim-majority countries, supporters say the president is doing a good job. The unity was a sight for sore eyes. As an American I was really pleased to see the solidarity among the different groups.

“We’ve seen him keeping America safe. He made an excellent pick for Supreme Court Justice, Gorsuch, one of the best picks ever,” said Dante Mazza of Columbia Students for Trump. “He’s working hard to bring jobs back you know working with leaders in the auto industry and the pharmaceutical industry and cutting regulation and doing all sorts of wonderful things to get the country moving again. You’ve seen it reflected in the stock market. You’ve seen it reflected in consumer confidence. People are really excited.”

“He only banned certain countries so it is not a Muslim ban,” said Arina Merkulova, also of Columbia Students for Trump. “He didn’t ban Pakistan, he didn’t ban Egypt or Saudi Arabia which are countries that should have probably gone into the ban, and it’s only a temporary solution until they fix certain policies.”

The rally started at 12 noon and ended at 3 pm. By the time the media finally came out to cover the group, most of the people had dispersed, but we have the pictures here to prove the size of the rally was substantial. From the looks of this Pro-Trump rally; Its clear President Trump has pro-Trump supporters in his hometown of

New York City.


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