EXCLUSIVE: Twitter Censored Video of Trump’s Afghanistan Speech as ‘SENSITIVE MATERIAL’

Twitter censorship

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a major move to censor conservative speech online. Google has banned several major websites from using their ads for revenue, YouTube has shut down several accounts, and ISPs are canceling domains under the guise that they are hate groups. It looks like Twitter is continuing their anti-conservative actions as well. Just ask the President.

In just the last 24 hours, The Rebel, a conservative news site, had their domain canceled for violating content standards, even though they offer up no racist or violent content. PayPal closed the accounts of both Jihad Watch and Pamela Geller for promoting “hate speech,” because they report the ugly truth about Islamic culture. Both sites are now unable to take payments or donations to their site from the service.

Twitter has waged their own war on the right, and they are even targeting the Commander-in-Chief. How else can you explain this: when a Twitter user tried to tweet out video of President Trump’s speech on Afghanistan, it censored the video as “sensitive material.” This is a content filter used to screen out violent or objectionable content.

Here is a screenshot of the original tweet by Twitter user @2Chron169.

Twitter censorship

Once you click on the “VIEW” link, however, you see that it is merely video of the Afghanistan speech tweeted out by President Trump’s personal account.

Twitter censorship

There could be several reasons for this incident. It is possible that President Trump’s opponents are exploiting Twitter’s reporting system to censor the President.

Many are calling on Twitter to ban the President from the site, claiming that he is violating the conduct standards required of users by “spreading hate,” they claim. Congressman Keith Ellison has also called for Twitter to ban the President, but it appears highly unlikely, even on his personal account.

Many are reporting his account for these “violations” in an effort to suppress his tweets. Even so, one would think Twitter has safeguards that would keep such exploitation from affecting verified Twitter users, including the President.

It would be an overreach to accuse Twitter of purposely restricting and suppressing the President by marking his material as “sensitive.” Given the wave of politically correct “cleansing” sweeping social media, however, such an accusation is no longer in the realm of “tin foil hat” conspiracy.

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