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Many Americans are aware that Monsanto has quietly splicing plant genomes to be unnatural, and using genetically modified organisms to poison the youth of America. What most people are NOT aware of, however, is that Monsanto also owns numerous food companies.

That’s right—they aren’t just in the seeds and herbicide business. They’re also in the food creation and distribution business. This means that they can easily fool you into believing you’re buying something that’s completely separate and unrelated to Monsanto, when in reality, every penny you spend is being put in their coffers.

Monsanto has been linked to numerous atrocities, and after their merger with Bayer, they’re more powerful than ever. I previously reported on some of the atrocities which Monsanto has committed, such as giving millions of people cancer, buying off politicians, and shaking down small farmers.

In addition to ruthlessly attacking innocent farmers, Monsanto also has a habit of buying off politicians. Just recently, Obama signed a bill which effectively prevents farmers from choosing whether or not they can plant GMO seeds, despite a petition with over 250,000 signatures pleading with him to repeal the bill. Well, too bad—this is America, where politicians can be bought. If the government wants to force farmers to plant GMO’s, then they now have the right to do this.

Despite an EU document claiming that the chemical glyphosate, a key ingredient in Monsanto’s pesticide Round-Up, could cause severe ecological consequences, the pesticide continues to be legal, nearly two decades after the document was released.

In addition to this, their GMO corn seeds, which, by the way control 88% of the market, have been shown to be detrimental to soil fertility. In other words, in a hundred years or so, we may not even be able to use our soil to grow crops anymore.

Perhaps the worst ecological effect, however, is the creation of mycotoxins. You see, Monsanto’s GMO’s are ridiculously resistant to pesticides, so farmers drench them in Round-Up to kill any potential pests. There’s two problems with this.

Aside from the fact that GMO’s and pesticides have been linked to a swathe of negative health consequences (such as Cancer and Celiac’s Disease), they’ve also been known to create super-resistant fungi, or mycotoxins.

This happens, because Round-Up is great at killing any pests and molds that could ruin a good harvest… well, at least 99.99% of them. That other .01%? Not only does it live, but it has what’s known as “whole chromosome mutation,” turned on.

In other words, rather than single genes mutating (normal evolution), entire chromosomes evolve (think evolution, but around 1,000,000x faster). And what’s more? Fungi can swap genes with one another.

This is what has led to the new emergence of “super-fungi,” or mycotoxins that can literally kill you. Here’s a few of them:

-Fumonisins: linked to nervous system disorders.

-Trichothecenes which cause muscular disorders and death.

-Zearalenone which causes a massive spike in estrogen (any wonders why we’re so effeminate?)

Oh, you don’t want to have the testosterone levels of a little girl? Too bad, Monsanto has a platoon of soulless lawyers ready to destroy any and all opposition.

Monsanto is perhaps, one of the most unethical companies in existence—and this isn’t just a random occurrence, there’s clearly a pattern here. They’ve been systematically stripping Americans of their health, and anyone who speaks out has a habit of “disappearing.”

Men in particular have to worry about Monsanto, as their GMO soy is used as an additive in almost EVERYTHING. I previously reported that this wreaks havoc on your testosterone levels, which translates to less energy, less libido, and less muscle mass.

Soy contains phytoestrogens, which are almost chemically identical to estrogen. They also contain isoflavones that activate your body’s estrogen receptors. So, in other words, soy is a double whammy—it’s one of the worst foods for your testosterone levels out there.

To make matters even worse, it’s in damn near everything that’s processed. This is why I always recommend that men read the labels for what you’re eating! Don’t put something into your body if you don’t even know what it is. Or, better yet, just follow a paleo diet so that you’re only getting whole foods.

If you would like to boycott this horrible company, you can find a printable list of their products down below. Print it out and put it on your fridge, or better yet, memorize the companies that Monsanto owns so that you don’t put a single penny into their pockets.

monsanto companies gmo testosterone soy paleo
To print, right click, select “open image in new tab,” and click the print button

Every single one of these products is owned by Monsanto and used Monsanto GMO’s in them. If you’ve been feeding your children Kelloggs cereal, you’ve been giving them a higher risk of cancer, as well as impaired brain development.

If you’ve been feeding your children Frito’s, or any other form of bagged chips most likely, you’re supporting Monsanto and harming your child’s health in the process. It is important that you understand where your money is going to, for as Americans we have a responsibility to support companies which are pro-American.

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