Facebook employees want Zuckerberg to acknowledge Facebook has a “responsibility” to stop Trump

From The Hill (emphasis in bold is mine):

Facebook is pushing back on the idea that it could tilt the scales in the presidential election against Donald Trump.

Gizmodo published a screenshot Friday of an internal poll that Facebook employees were purportedly using to decide what questions to ask CEO Mark Zuckerberg at a meeting in March.

Several of the questions concerned either the company’s business position or internal matters, but one was about politics: “What responsibility does Facebook have to prevent President Trump in 2017?” Some employees apparently voted for the question to be posed to the CEO.

Translation: What’s the plan to stop Trump?

Answer, none unless that responsibility is strictly limited to letting all sides of every argument have a platform and then letting people decide for themselves what they support. Beyond that Facebook has no responsibility to assume the role of dictator in the court of public opinion or politics itself.

Gizmodo speculated that Facebook could downplay stories and posts related to Trump in its New Feed, potentially putting a damper on his campaign.

A spokesperson for the company says it cannot confirm or deny leaks but bristled at the suggestion it would seek to help or hinder any political candidate.

This is purely anecdotal based on my own observation of what Facebook has determined to be “trending” topics on the social network over the years, but the idea that Facebook is averse to influencing how people think about politics is absolutely not true.

On any given day you can check what is trending on the right sidebar of the home page news feed and the political news is invariably pro liberal and anti-conservative. Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is one of the biggest ongoing stories for that last year, and I have never once seen it “trending” on Facebook. Meanwhile, as I write this…


You would think that a big social media rain cloud is perpetually over the heads of anyone right of center. The one Democrat, Bernie Sanders, who is trending is getting positive coverage over a story I’m sure nobody gives a damn about. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, while facing potential indictment for her email troubles, doesn’t even exist.

Facebook wants you to believe this has nothing to do with shaping people’s perception of politics, they want you to believe that because they think you’re stupid.

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