Facebook censorship of conservative posts – HERE’S HOW TO ALWAYS GET OURS

As we’ve reported in this post, Facebook is making it easier for liberals to gang up and target conservative news. There are, however, ways for conservatives to fight the censorship and see unbiased news.

The censorship is the endgame of a new set of rules instituted by Facebook to combat what they call “fake news.” However, the examples being cited by Facebook are often from politically right-leaning sites. Fake news is always a problem, but the rules are too broad and open to abuse. It leaves legitimate conservative news sites open to targeting by liberals.

It wouldn’t take much of an organized push to label a conservative news site as “possibly fake.” Because those responsible for fact checking answer to no one, and could easily apply their personal and political prejudices to their review.

This poses a problem for sites like Silence Is Consent. Truth and integrity are important to us. The journalists on the Silence Is Consent staff strive to always get the facts straight. When we get the facts wrong, or a story is proven to be untrue, we immediately retract it. However, because we write from a conservative worldview, we are targeted.  That means liberal activists are constantly trying to silence us. No pun intended.

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For the millions of conservatives looking for news on social media, the possible Facebook censorship of news stories is serious. It means our stories may be censored from your news feed.



There are ways to fight back against Facebook’s censorship. First, you must understand that you cannot rely on Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm to give you the posts you want from the pages you like. Even though posts and pages accused of spreading “fake news” will not be removed from Facebook (or so they say), they will censor it from your newsfeed.


If you look on the left side of your Facebook newsfeed on the home page, you will see a “SHORTCUTS” tab. Facebook automatically places your pages and frequently visited groups here. If you click the EDIT link, however, you can place certain pages at the top of this list. It’s a good way to keep your favorite news sources at the ready.


When you like a page, Facebook automatically places posts on that page in “Default” status. That puts posts from that page up against their algorithm, which could suppress news it deems “fake.” However, you can set Facebook to prioritize posts from a page in your newsfeed. To do so, click on the “FOLLOWING” button at the top of a page and select the “SEE FIRST” option under NEWSFEED. Here’s a screengrab of how it is done on the Silence Is Consent Facebook page.

Facebook fake news


You can, in addition, go right to the source! Bookmark SilenceIsConsent.net or make it your default page when you open your browser each morning. It’s the easiest way to bypass the liberal gatekeepers and get your news directly!

Because this is an important issue, we’ll keep updating this page with more tips to combat Facebook censorship! Be sure to check back!

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