College Campuses Across the Country Trash 9/11 Memorials

In the wake of the 16th anniversary of the Twin Towers’ destruction, many families have been struggling to recover. Sadly, as they grapple with memories of loved ones unexpectedly dying, liberal college campuses across the nation have begun vandalizing 9/11 memorials.

This is just the latest manifestation of a growing anti-American sentiment that seems to be sweeping colleges across the nation. Many have already pointed out that our universities have been invaded by far left socialists for years now, but apparently we’re just beginning to see the effects of this.

Amherst College for one, has been completely overridden by liberal nut jobs who still think that real communism was never tried. It should come as no surprise then, that they hung a banner up on 9/11 shaming our troops for fighting the war on terror.


At another university, namely the famous Notre Dame, many students were stunned to see what someone had written in front of the site reserved for a 9/11 memorial. “500,000 Iraqis murdered,” it said in bright colored chalk. Members of the Notre Dame Young Americans for Freedom chapter commenced with erecting their display nonetheless.

“The flag memorial is meant to unite the community under the principle that we are all Americans and we must remain committed to advancing and defending freedom,” Clare McKinney, Young Americans For Freedom chapter chair at Notre Dame said.

“It’s disheartening to think there’s students on campus who don’t support that message,” she added. Unfortunately, this is by no means an isolated incident. All across the country, teachers and conservative students alike have been reporting similar sentiment from the far left.

Campus Reform reports that a man even removed American flags from a Columbia University memorial. Thankfully an ROTC member recorded the incident and later replaced the flags, but this anonymous man’s actions are still incredibly disturbing.

Members of Columbia University College Republicans walked out of class Monday afternoon to find a man removing the flags from their 9/11 memorial.

The unidentified man removed a row of at least 50 flags, threw them in the trash, and went back for more. An angered Columbia University ROTC student recorded the event.

“I ran over and asked him what he was doing, and was laughed at with no proper response,” the student recounted. “I asked a nearby Public Safety officer what could be done; but he was well within his rights to protest, so I recorded the video.”

The university says that they’re looking into the situation, but have not yet identified the man. Unfortunately, many students are not surprised that this has happened. “Ever since the election, I believe that this campus has rejected any form of pro-American beliefs or sentiments,” College Republicans President Ari Boosalis told Campus Reform.

While she said that she’s “personally disgusted,” by the actions of this individual, it seems that many students feel differently. Regardless, the American flag is not a symbol of hatred as the far left believes, but a symbol of hope—a symbol that freedom and democracy can reign supreme in a world of anarchy.

Our college campuses have devolved to be complete cesspools of liberal group think, and we’re beginning to see how badly we’ve lost the culture war. Thankfully, the next generation appears to be the most conservative since World War II, but the battle is far from over yet. It’s time to reclaim our campuses.

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