Famous Gay Man Sends “Special Gift” to 423 Mosques – Muslims FURIOUS When They See What’s Inside

milo yiannopolous muslim mosques

Despite liberals constantly defending Islam, it is not a religion of peace. Muslim dominated countries routinely execute people for being gay, committing adultery, or blaspheming the Quran.

Not a single country that lives under a caliphate, has ever valued freedom of speech or individual liberty. Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and all of the other predominantly Muslim countries have barbaric laws, and routinely execute people for the most simple of personal choices.

Conservatives know this, which is why we don’t want to import millions of Muslims from third world countries. We’ve seen how this played out in Germany, Sweden, and London—they’re now experiencing sky-high rates of rape, murder, and terrorism.

Unfortunately however, no matter how much evidence comes out against Muslims, liberals will not pull their heads out of the sand. They continue to insist that Islam is a peaceful religion, and that these “refugees,” want nothing more than to assimilate.

So, to prove them wrong, a popular gay man recently sent a “beautiful gift,” to 423 mosques…and the way that these Muslims reacted when they discovered what was inside, is absolutely shocking liberals all across the nation.

Milo Yiannopolous, the famous gay man who did this, has long been known for his offensive and provocative content. He’s routinely been shut down on liberal campuses all across the United States, after inciting millions of crybaby liberals to riot and destroy property.

In fact, he’s even the speaker who lit off the “Riots at Berkeley,” as they’ve now been dubbed—all because he doesn’t like the religion of Islam, since, well, they would stone him to death for being a homosexual if he lived in Saudi Arabia.

After launching his book, Dangerous, he’s been the center of even more controversy. Days before it was supposed to be released, Simon & Schuster, his publishing company, pulled the rug out from underneath him after liberal bullies demanding that the book be censored.

Fortunately, he managed to make his own publishing company, and after releasing the book it has since become a national best-seller. So when he decided to send 423 copies of the flamboyantly anti-Islamic book to Mosques all around the UK, you can guess how Muslims reacted.

He posted the following on Facebook, after mailing the copies:

Today I sent a beautiful gift–my book!–to each of the 423 mosques in my former home, the great city of London.

Although DANGEROUS is essential reading for everyone on Earth, it is absolutely required for those in desperate need of an instruction manual on Western values. And so out of the goodness of my heart, I have donated these 423 copies in the name of togetherness and to fight the spread of Anglophobia in London.

He sent a letter telling Muslims that they would now have the chance to learn about him—he also asked them to kindly not throw him off a roof.

Muslims Milo Dangerous Mosques
The letter that Milo sent along with his book

In addition to this, he published a picture of many of the mosques that he mailed the copy too, which according to unverified sources, may even contain 32 Sharia courts.

Muslims Milo Dangerous Mosques
A map of mosques which received Milo’s “special gift”

After posting this on Facebook, hundreds of fans expressed their approval, and gratitude at what Milo Yiannopolous is doing to fight the Islamification of the Western world:

“Just bought two copies, thanks Milo!”

“I just wanted you to know that when your book was released I requested my very small county library obtain a copy. I am proud to say that my small town in Kentucky has your book in stock!”

“There are 423 mosques in London! That’s crazy!”

“I need to buy it for my gay son, because he is becoming a liberal.”

“Oh now you’re tempting me to join a mosque for that free book…”

Many conservatives were also shocked upon learning that there were 423 mosques in London. It seems that their media has been hiding the slow, but steady Islamification of Europe from them. Conservative Fighters reports:

Yiannopoulos’ fans were stunned when they learned how many Islamic mosques are in their city.

“I had no idea that there is so many?!?!!!! What in the f—k?! 423?! WHO THE F—K ALLOWED THAT MANY?!” commented one of his followers Tanja Krstic Radusinovic. “They have sprang up like poisonous mushrooms on a wet lawn,” echoed Newt Dacute.

“WOW when you put it like that, on a map, you can’t help but think it’s a take over. So sad. Good bye for now England,” said Lynette Bailie. “I would have thought that was a map of all of Europe but that’s Just London!!! Wow,” wrote Amber Alise.

Despite numerous positive reactions by conservatives, Muslims weren’t so happy. Thousands of Islamic preachers and followers have erupted in fury, as they’ve demanded that the book be banned from stores. How tolerant of them.

In response, however, conservatives didn’t use violence—instead, they made a mock video of ISIS executing a copy of the book “Dangerous.” This only made Muslims even more furious, of course.

This is how the new generation of conservatives is fighting the rapid spread of cancerous liberalism: not by protesting and using violence, but with laughter. Milo has been incredibly effective in turning the tides of our culture war, because he’s hilarious.

He’s a homosexual Jew who likes black guys, which means that the typical liberal “playbook,” doesn’t work on him. They can’t call him an anti-Semite, because he’s Jewish. They can’t call him a homophobe, because he’s gay. They can’t call him a racist, because he dates black guys.

They’re all out of luck, and that’s why Milo’s popularity has blown up over the past year. Unfortunately for liberals and their sick Muslim allies, it seems that we’re slowly regaining control of our culture…and they’re not going to like what it looks like when we do.

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