How far will the Media go to Collude with Hillary Clinton Campaign? Proof The System is Rigged

How far will the U.S. media go to collude with the Clinton campaign? How corrupt is the U.S. press corp?

This research thread will answer those questions and more.

Following the debate Hillary Clinton held an “impromptu” presser with journalists aboard her campaign plane. However, if you look closely into how it’s coordinated it might just blow you away.

Watch as Hillary Clinton’s travelling press secretary, Nick Merrill, actually instructs specific reporters on what questions to ask. It took about three different camera angles to fully identify the ruse, but when you see it, it’s rather jaw dropping:

First. Here’s the segment as broadcast on MSNBC. Pay close attention at the very beginning to Andrea Mitchell and Nick Merrill (staffer with the suit/tie):


Notice at the very beginning, the construct begins with a seeded question to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell:

From a second (Fox) Camera Angle you can see what was taking place at that moment:



While Secretary Clinton is answering the seeded question from Andrea Mitchell, Nick Merrill (suit, black tie) begins typing up another question for another selected reporter.

Watch his eyes, and how Merrill signals via tapping on his phone to tell the next journalist what to ask.  The signaling is at 01:44 of this video angle – WATCH HIM:

(Changing angle so you can see the questioner) The seeded “journalist” then asks the question about “Goldman Sachs and Bernie Sanders”:


As soon as those two questions are fully asked and answered, Fox News Jennifer Griffin asks about the James O’Keefe videos and Clinton abruptly ends the presser.

Here’s another angle where you can see what sequential activity Merrill was using to seed the questions and gain the communications narrative desired by the compliant press:

This is by far the best shot of Nick Mitchell (the guy in the suit and tie) seeding or giving Andrea Mitchell the questions he wants her to ask Hillary about Trump calling her a “Nasty woman” at the debate. DOnald Trump is RIGHT. The media is in with Hillary and the system is rigged folks.


Yet the pundits and people on TV wonder why they are no longer credible or relevant.


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