BREAKING: Did former FBI Director Comey just admit to LEAKING INFORMATION TO THE PRESS? Watch the video!

James Comey leaked

Did former FBI Director commit a crime when he leaked documents to the press? Thursday, during his testimony in the Russia hearings, Comey declared on his own (and without prodding) that he leaked government information with the express intent of having it leak to the media.

Comey admitted he leaked memos to a friend who was a university professor. He did so knowing the friend would then leak it to the media.

An argument can be made that Comey improperly and unlawfully leaked his memos. Those memos were government documents which did not belong to him, but to the government of the United States. He leaked those documents to protect his own reputation. This is the first time that I know of where a former FBI Director leaked documents in the hope that they would prompt an independent counsel investigation into a matter involving a sitting president.

According to his own testimony, James Comey leaked the documents after he was fired. Once he left the office of FBI Director, he made a decision for personal reasons to change the course of the Russian investigation.

The motive behind the leak is very telling. James Comey himself said he was shocked he was fired, and didn’t know why he was fired. He went on to describe how he had repeatedly been told by President Trump that his position was secure. This to me sounds like a disgruntled employee. Even his opening statement showed his hostility towards President Trump, calling him a liar.

The fact that James Comey admitted to leaking information could open up a whole other investigation into Comey himself.

Read this transcript of the exchange between Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) and Comey.

ROY BLUNT: After you were let go you said you gave information to a friend, so that friend could get the information to the public media.


BLUNT: What kind of information was that? What kind of information did you give to a friend?

COMEY (stuttering and flustered): The Flynn conversation with the president.

BLUNT: So you didn’t consider your own memo a government document? You didn’t consider that conversation to be a government property, that somehow you considered that document to be your own document that you could share with the media as you wish at will?


Believe me, we will be hearing more about Comey’s leaked documents in days to come. This guy isn’t the knight in shining armor the Democrats hoped he would be.

Here is video of the exchange revealing that James Comey leaked government documents to the press.

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