FBI official who investigated Hillary Clinton had a secret connection with her


Every day it seems the Democratic Party has yet another pearl clutching revelation or scandal it must minimize.

Fox News has reported that a FBI official intentionally hid his wife’s connection to Hillary Clinton. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe failed to disclose that his wife, Dr. Jill McCabe, received over half a million dollars in donations from the Clinton Campaign for her failed 2015 Virginia state run for the Senate. Those contributions were from ‘Common Good VA’, a democratic organization connected to Mrs. Clinton and ran by her ally Terry McAuliffe.

Why does this connection matter?

Deputy Director McCabe later went on to play a major role in the Hillary Clinton email server investigation and scandal. Shockingly, as her flunkie he did not recuse himself, nor did her find her guilty.

GOP Senator Grassley in a November 2016 letter to the Justice Department raised concerns over the impartiality of McCabe.

“The FBI asserts that Mr. McCabe did not have an ‘oversight role’ in the Clinton investigation until he became the number two in command in 2016,” Grassley wrote.”

“However, the FBI’s statement does not foreclose the possibility that Mr. McCabe had a non oversight role while associate deputy director. Thus, even during the time period in which his wife’s political campaign received approximately half a million dollars from Gov. McAuliffe’s political action committee, and over $200,000 from the Virginia Democrat Party, he may have had a role in the investigation and did not recuse himself.”

FactCheck.org immediately tries to dismiss the controversy.

“But there’s no evidence that Clinton had anything to do with the contributions, or that she even knew about them, as Trump claimed.
The article from the Wall Street Journal, which first reported the story, doesn’t say that Clinton had any knowledge of the donations, or that the donations were connected to the FBI’s decision not to recommend criminal charges against Clinton over her emails. And the Journal reported that Andrew McCabe didn’t help oversee the investigation of Clinton’s emails until after his wife had already lost the election.”


Their logic is that since Mrs. McCabe lost the election and the Clinton investigation was after that lost election, somehow $675,000 is now inconsequential.

Who cares whether or not Mrs. Clinton knew about the money? The McCabe family knew. I mean, how do you NOT notice almost a million dollars in donations? Secondly, failed election bid or not, the Clintons tried to help this family. Now there is a debt to pay back to the Clintons.

And paid back they were.

Is there some kind of delusional state that applies only to Democrats that enables them to believe everyone around them is ridiculously stupid?

Jeff Sessions had to recuse himself from any “Russian Investigation” that continues to yield nil results. Yet an FBI administrator who gets almost a million dollars from Clinton and then exonerates her in a subsequent investigation raises no flags for the liberal media?

If you believe there is no connection there, I have a bridge to sell you.

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