Female Harvard Professor: The ‘Gender Wage Gap’ does not exist

gender wage gap

gender wage gap

Feminists foam at the mouth when a conservative male contradicts their beliefs. It will be interesting to see how they will react, however, to a female Harvard professor who says the gender wage gap is a myth.

According to a report by The Washington Examiner, Harvard professor of economics Claudia Goldin says the perceived “gap” between what men and women earn is not necessarily a matter of what they are paid. Like most issues, things are a bit more complicated.

In an interview with Stephen Dubner of the “Freakanomics” podcast, Goldin points out that the discrepancy comes down to career choices and life decisions.

“Does that mean that women are receiving lower pay for equal work?” Goldin asked after listening to clips of President Obama and comedienne Sarah Silverman claim that women earn 77 cents to the dollar that men earn. “That is possibly the case in certain places, but by and large it’s not that, it’s something else.”

That “something else,” is choice — in the careers that women take, the hours they work and the time off they take. Dubner asked her about evidence that discrimination plays a role in the gap, to which Goldin responded that such a “smoking gun” no longer exists.

“It’s hard to find the smoking guns, OK? The smoking guns existed in the past,” Goldin said. “I have found many a smoking gun where you find actual evidence of firms saying, for example, ‘I do not hire Negroes.’ Or, ‘I do not hire women.’ I mean, you actually find these in 1939.”

Goldin argued that once you account for a number of factors, including taking time off from work and different careers, then there isn’t “tons of evidence that it’s true discrimination.”

Goldin also suggested that the old claim that men are just better at bargaining doesn’t contribute much to the gap. She said studies have shown men and women show up to a job straight out of college (meaning they have the same education level) and earn the same amount.

Goldin’s argument makes perfect sense. It is possible to argue that the gender wage gap does not exist without devaluing the female worker.

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