Breaking: Filthy Degenerates Arrested For Blocking Traffic Protesting Trump on Presidents Day

What else could we expect in liberal hell Portland Oregon, except “Not My Presidents day” protests on Presidents Day?

All is going according to plan for these snowflakes….. or maybe not.

The Libtard capital of the U.S. has brain dead followers out in full force again today (as if anyone is surprised). Only now the Portland police department has had enough and they are getting arrested and taken into custody for blocking traffic.

Shamefully, only a few domestic terrorists reportedly have been taken into custody so far.

Protesters block SW 3rd Ave at Madison St. in front of the Portland Federal building. 2/20/17

I was thinking of taking a nice stroll downtown, to mind my own business. But surely, I would be accosted because I tout white privilege, by white protestors.  It’s Liberal logic 101, its a thing…. look it up.

According to the local news Koin 6 , the “Don’t Shoot PDX” protestors started their crazy antics at 11 am in front of the federal building in downtown Portland Oregon. By 11:30 they were blocking streets and traffic, and getting rightfully detained.

Protestors block SW 3rd Ave at Madison St. in front of the Portland Federal building. 2/20/17

Apparently they will not quit then (nor seemingly ever) and will be in front of Director’s Park by the Oregon AFL-CIO at 12 pm.  Hopefully they will be greeted with the same warm welcome from police or counter protestors.

Wouldn’t it be rich if they lost their rights to vote for the crimes they are committing? Of course not, that would be too easy wouldn’t it.

They even have a nice little Facebook page if anyone would like to visit it and say some choice words.

Bryce had the right idea on their Facebook feed:

Just a matter of time before it turns into a full blown riot…. AGAIN.

By the way, aren’t these people supposed to be working anyways? Oh, that’s right, most of them are paid protesters or are living off the government, meaning your hard earned taxpayer money. THIS is one of the main reason these societal leeches are protesting because they are afraid their gravy train is coming to and end.


Happy Presidents Day to the REAL Americans and to President Donald J. Trump – MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!

What do you think about unlawful protesters losing the right to vote? Let us know in the comments!

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