FINALLY! A university administration with BACKBONE threatens expulsion for crybaby college kids

These kids from Ohio State University “occupied” a campus administration building for whatever the usual list of grievances spoiled college kids drum up these days, and the leadership wasn’t having it. Free speech does not include physically impeding people from living their lives, actions like that are attempts to control people to bend to your will. That’s not democratic, that’s fascistic and tyrannical.

GOOD FOR OSU for doing this!

These protesters were not courageous. They vacated the premises by 12:30 a.m….

A friend once observed that liberals cower before true demonstrations of strength. That’s why they do things that cost them nothing, like take on a law to restore sanity to bathrooms in North Carolina by not allowing people to use facilities outside of the gender they are born with, but refuse to acknowledge their tolerance of Muslim cultures that would (and does) imprison and execute the LGBTQ community they claim to champion.

It’s why they move in mobs, and it’s why you rarely see them go one on one against dissenting opinion. When they do they usually cower.

Hopefully other schools get the message that kowtowing to student mobs is bad for business. Contrast this show of strength with…

Cowardly Missouri continues to pay the price for last year’s craven capitulation. The university has actually closed two dormitories because of enrollment declines and is battling through a $32 million budget shortfall.

h/t National Review

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