First Lady Melania DAZZLES Paris Children’s Hospital – Internet is Going VIRAL With Her Classy Gesture (VIDEO)

Melania Trump necker hospital

Despite all of the insults that the mainstream media has thrown at Melania Trump, she is without a doubt one of the most beautiful, and classiest first ladies since Jackie Kennedy.

She’s absolutely beautiful, incredibly classy, and highly graceful—three characteristics that our previous first lady in office didn’t share. After 8 years of the vulgar and obnoxious Michelle Obama, American women are proud to finally have a first lady that they can look up to.

Melania Trump is always wearing a classy outfit—whether it’s a lavish red dress, or a warm winter outfit, she looks absolutely incredible…and the media knows it. This is why they attack her so much, and it’s why this incredible story didn’t make a SINGLE headline on CNN or MSNBC.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump recently visited Paris, to discuss politics with Emmanuel Macron. The most pressing issue, as far as sources have said, is that of Islamic Terrorism. Despite Macron’s relatively weak stance against Islam during his election, it seems that he’s starting to toughen up (likely due to Trump’s influence).

When the Presidential Couple was in Paris, they visited the historic Necker Hospital, which was officially the first pediatric hospital in the world. Founded in 1778 by Jacques Necker and his wife Suzanne Necker, the hospital boasts some of the most impressive treatments and technology in the world.

Earlier this morning, first lady Melania Trump arrived at the massive hospital, and was greeted by senior Paris officials. She was given a personal tour throughout the hospital, and absolutely STUNNED everything with what she did when she met some of the children there.

She was escorted into a play room for young children, presumably suffering from serious medical diseases, and as the children were playing with their building blocks, coloring books, and other various toys, she began to speak fluent french to them.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the only language that she’s fluent in. In addition to being fluent in English and French, she’s also fluent in Serbian, German, and Italian. What an impressive first lady—unlike the last one.

Daily Mail reports that she read a French children’s book, known as Le Petit Prince, to the young ones surrounding the table. She also had several heartwarming talks with some of the children under the hospital’s care.

“To [Melania] Trump’s right was Ysatis Guyomarc’h, a 14 year old in a wheelchair. After the meeting, Guyomarc’h spoke of the First Lady’s beauty.”

“She told the First Lady that she expected to leave the hospital Monday for a month of rehabilitation.”

“You look very good, very strong,” Melania told her. “Soon you’ll be walking and running,” she said, in a heartwarming moment where the two locked eyes and smiled at one another.

The young girl later told The Associated Press that she was extremely grateful for the visit. “It was very pleasant and really good. [Melania] is beautiful and gorgeous,” Ysatis said.

Although Melania only visited the children for half an hour, it greatly lifted their spirits…and it’s an impression that will last a lifetime.

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