FLASHBACK: Look What Crooked Hillary Said About Obama’s “Dreamers” in 2014 (VIDEO)


As the country is divided over Obama’s “Dreamer” act, many are accusing Trump of being callous, uncaring, and even a little bit racist. What they don’t realize however, is what Hillary Clinton said about these so called “Dreamers,” just three years ago.

This clip of Hillary Clinton on CNN has absolutely been blowing up the internet, because it exposes just how incredibly hypocritical she is. Crooked Hillary does not care one single bit about the hard-working, patriotic families of America—all she cares about is getting her votes. Consider this recent tweet from Clinton about the DACA program.

Now compare that to the video clip below, from 2014. It makes it clear why she flip flops on every single issue known to man. When it’s convenient, she’ll say one thing, but then when the times change, she’ll say another. She’s a lying politician, plain and simple, and this video exposes the truth about her deep seeded hypocrisy.

In the interview, a CNN anchor grills Hillary Clinton over her stance on sending childhood illegals back to their home countries. “So should they be sent back?” the anchor asks, to which Hillary becomes visibly uncomfortable. She doesn’t like taking hardline stances on things like President Trump does, rather she likes spitting out vague platitudes like her comrade and partner in crime Obama.

After some interrogation, she finally drops the bomb: “They should be sent back.” Clinton tries to circumnavigate this politically incorrect opinion by proposing a bunch of caveats, but we all know what she’s doing. She’s trying to differentiate her opinion from Barrack Obama, in anticipation for the 2016 election.

Too bad she lost that one, though—and now that Donald Trump is in office, she’s done a complete 180 and has spoken out repeatedly condemning Trump’s actions. Funny how President Trump is doing exactly what she wanted to do in 2014, but now that he’s in office, she feels a bit differently.

Conservative Fighters reports:

Speaking with Amanpour to discuss the influx of Central American illegal immigrant children entering the U.S. through Mexico, Clinton did not mince words and said that they should be sent away from the U.S. and reunited with their families instead.

“Should they be able to stay here?” Amanpour asked. “It’s safer.”

Clinton responded, “Well, it may be safer, but that’s not the answer.”

Clarifying, she told Amanpour, “[The government has] to send a clear message: just because your child gets across the border, that doesn’t mean the child gets to stay.”

Ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President, crooked Hillary has been doing everything she could to undermine his goals. So it should come as no surprise that she’s been tweeting out a string of anti-Trump, pro-DACA comments as if she actually believes them.

“While the GOP focuses on vilifying immigrants, Hillary will fight to protect DACA/DAPA and pass comprehensive immigration reform,” she tweeted out in October of 2015. She also accused the 5th Circuit of being wrong on immigration, and urged the Supreme Court to uphold these acts.

Clinton is a washed-up politician who’s desperately clinging to her once-powerful position. The people of America have spoken, and we don’t want her in power anymore—in fact, we want her in prison. So when do you think she’ll get the hint and stay the hell out of politics?

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