Flashback: Media ignored Hillary Clinton laughing about violence against Republicans


We’ve all seen the media outrage over Donald Trump’s suggestion that Hillary Clinton’s guards should disarm and embrace the spirit of her anti-gun rhetoric. Instead of focusing on the irony of Clinton insisting on armed protection, the media insisted Trump was advocating for her death. “Donald Trump Again Alludes to Violence Against Hillary Clinton,” NBC News blared. “Trump’s fearmongering gun speech threatens Clinton’s life again,” The New York Daily News whined. The fury is widespread and universal among the liberal media.

True, Trump’s wording was inarticulate, but to make the leap from “see what happens” to “kill Hillary” is beyond sensible. Or fair. Speaking of fair, does anyone remember any media outrage when Hillary cackled about a guy who wanted to strangle Carly Fiorina? Watch:

Oh yeah, that. Ring a bell now?

Anyone remember the anger directed toward Hillary by any media member not employed by Fox News? Anyone remember any negative coverage on the news, or demands for an apology? Anyone? Bueller?

We didn’t think so.


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