Flashback: Obama Showing The Presidential Erection to Staffers- But Trump’s Language…

So you think Trump’s “lewd” talk is disgusting? Did somebody say, presidential election or was that presidential erection?

Check out Barack Obama, as he shows off his presidential erection to staffers on a plane. And, it’s blatantly obvious he wanted to show it to everyone.

Where was the pathetic, hypocritical left on this one? **crickets**


Wonder why the left-wing, liberal media never covered this one?

Oh wait! that’s CNN!

Just so you know, we are not sure if Obama was president at the time. But does it really matter? It might have been TEN YEARS AGO!

The Lefties will say… 

“That’s just a natural, function of the human body. He wasn’t being LEWD!”

Too bad his old buddy Larry Sinclair wasn’t around to provide him a “happy ending.”

Regardless, personally I’d prefer to see video of Hillary Clinton thumping on Bill during one of her hungover tirades. My Secret Service contacts say they were epic! -KJ

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