Flush Target: Truck with message critical of store’s bathroom policy to hit every story in Minnesota

There is no doubt a significant number of people who buy into “transgenderism,” and in a free country they should be able to live their lives as they see fit. The reason we’re having this fight is because they want to pretend what they are doing is normal and healthy (and it’s not) and they want to force the rest of us to uncritically accept that as true.

Who knows if other businesses will follow Target on this, the way things are going they might, but remaining silent about it means we are consenting to it, so Godspeed to the people in this report

According to a CBS Minnesota report, an anti-Target campaign is working to send Target a strong message after the corporation doubled down on its policy to continue allowing patrons to use the bathroom of their self-identified gender.

Opponents of Target’s bathroom policy unveiled a truck with a young girl standing at a bathroom stall in front of a man staring at her with the message “What about her rights to privacy & protection?”

“Send Target a message — don’t shop where women and children’s emotional and physical safety and privacy are under assault,” Minnesota chair of the Child League Julie Quist said.

The truck is set to visit every Target store in Minnesota with the hope of reversing the policy.

h/t 100 Percent Fed Up

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