Former Iranian Prisoner Pastor Saeed Abedini is backing TRUMP!

Saeed Abedini

Saeed Abedini

Pastor Saeed Abedini, the American pastor who was imprisoned by the Iranian government for preaching the gospel in their country, is backing Donald Trump.

In a post on his Facebook page, Abedini posted a picture of himself early voting in Idaho, where he now lives after his release from an Iranian prison. He also explained why it was important that America back Trump. His post in featured below.

I voted early today!

I voted for Donald Trump. Who are you going to vote for?

I had an amazing feeling when I voted.

I am finally free in a free country. Last year on the same day I was sick and in chains for Christ, and now I can vote to choose my next President. And most amazingly, I can vote for someone that I know fought for me and called my name so many times. He met my family and gave them a $10,000 gift.

I think his ideas are more Biblical than the other candidates.

Hillary never called my name or called or met my family. As a woman who says she stands for women’s rights when she was foreign minister, she never contacted my Mom, wife, sister or my daughter. She never did anything to help when I was in prison as an American pastor who was detained in Iran as a hostage.

What I like about America is that we stand up for each other when we are down.

Do you want a better America?

I do. Be sure and vote this year. It is critical.

May God Bless America!

While Saeed Abedini languished in prison, the Obama administration negotiated the Iran deal and did little to secure his release.

Abedini points out that Trump supported his release and gave money to help his family while he was in prison. He says Hillary Clinton has never mentioned him or lobbied for his release like Trump did.


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